Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Being all that we can be - a contest!!

I must confess - I absolutely love when the Olympics roll around. Witnessing athletes culminate a lifetime's worth of training, dedication and focus into an ultimate performance on a global stage... It often moves me to tears. The nationalism and annoying television coverage I could do without.

Anyhow, in honor of the upcoming opportunity to witness world class equestrian events, I propose a contest. As I very young equestrian, I dreamed of riding in the Olympics. I can remember being mesmerized the few times I caught the broadcast of the musical freestyle dressage performances. I knew that one day I wanted to share that kind of experience with my own horse.

Though none of us will be medaling in our chosen disciplines this go round, I'm quite sure our equine partners all have an extraordinary quality worthy of celebrating... and prizes!

Over the next two weeks, I invite you all to share your horses' special talents here. Photos and / or video, plus a written description will do for your entry. You can provide links for me in the comments, and I will take care of embedding. If you have any trouble, we can use email.

At the close of the Olympics I'll announce the winners - chosen at random with the help of my lovely assistant Val. There will be three - who will receive an awesome, official, "Dressage is #1" foam finger. If you aren't a dressage enthusiast yourself, I'll bet you know one or two... Christmas will be here before you know it.


To get the ball rolling I submit Valentino. Though an energy conserver by nature, he can multi-task with the best of them.

Occasionally he's seen busting a move like this...

but mostly he gets plenty of beauty sleep, and makes an effort with his nutrition - two keys for healthy living. :)


 Contestant #1 - Moon (from Manitoba, an international entry)

Manitoba Moonsox and Me

Well, despite being bumped off the short list by Pia Fortmuller and Orion, I still think Mr. Moon is Olympic-quality.

His special talent? He dopplegangs as a race car. A "Horsche" (aka. Porsche Horse) to be exact! The most fabulous thing about him, is his willingness to tolerate whatever crazy antics I dream up, from competing in that car costume, to walking the dog from his back, to vaulting onto his back.

Moon has the heart of gold and is my most willing partner. He might not bring home a gold (or any ribbons at all), but he ALWAYS brings ME home. : )

Sand - while visiting your blog to retrieve Mr. Moon's video, I came across another example of his mad talents. I hope you don't mind, but I'd also like to share his Trade-mark "Evil Rabbit Face" because it is just so awesome. :)


Contestant #2 - Jag 

Collecting Thoroughbreds

Wow, look at that trot! Go Val!

For your consideration, I submit Jag, who can hold his own in NoseBall:


Contestant #3 - Spider 

I already have one of those fingers, so I shall abstain from the competition. However, I do think Spider has butt scratching down to an art form!

(Shannon - if Val picks you and Spider out of the hat, we'll find a substitute prize. Perhaps scratching or yoga related?!)


Contestant #4 - Dusty 

Grey Horse Matters 

I did find a video of Dusty which I think shows just how smart she can be.
Here it is:  

"Dusty vs. the Latch"


Contestant #5 - Washashe (aka Wa mare) 
The TB mare known as "The Wa", gets into place for the Olympic cone "Tip Up". She spies her target and paws with certainty. She then executes her final move for the "Tip Up" of the cone. She does this in record time too! Precision! Yea, she has such great form!

 I am not really interested in the Dressage hand, so maybe we could just be honorabley mentioned, for my mare's teriffic form in the "Olympic cones".

Love to you and Val.
Kacy K and Washashe TB mare



Contestant #6 - Harley   

I would like to submit Harley's Jedi powers, but I just got my own finger from SmarkPak, so this is for exhibition only. That suits my horse's nature anyway. ;)


 Contestant #7 - Piney
Good Time to Review

Here is the link for an article that was written about my horse. It highlights some of the things he excelled at. Unfortunately I had to put him down a week after it was published. I think it serves as a wonderful tribute to my best friend and the most amazing horse I've ever known.

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