Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In the Arena #5 - Nothing to it but to do it...

The weather has been much improved in the last few weeks - Val and I have taken full advantage. We've finally gotten into a regular schooling schedule and I can see the results. Today was our best ride yet.

Here are some highlights:
Good work on the buckle
No difference between left and right turns
Perfect 10 m circles
Great transitions, especially halt/trot, trot/halt

I was able to use much lighter aides overall - Val really seemed to enjoy working. He was relaxed (as was I) and I felt the beginnings of some good contact happening. I felt like I was working with my partner - and that's an AWESOME feeling. I want to feel that way every ride!

Afterwards, while we were outside his pen looking for a pick of grass, several deer crashed through the woods quite nearby... Val stayed calm even though his buddy Cowboy had a fit.

It has been very challenging to go through the last four months on my own, without the benefit of my trainer. (although I have been speaking to her regularly - phone lessons lol!) There's nothing like having another persons eyes on you while you're riding. On the bright side, I've had to take much more responsibility for my riding, as well as
listen more carefully to what my horse is telling me about my position and aiding. It's all good :)

Looking forward to lessons week after next... and hoping to get some new pictures of us working soon!

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