Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Monday, May 9, 2011

At the barn #41 - Why I didn't ride today (Part 1)...

Instead of riding, I got intimate with my power tools. And my discarded recycled lumber pile.

This summer is my trial run for putting in a large enough garden that I can sell my surplus at the local farmer's market, which btw had no local produce last year. It will also give me somewhere for the manure to go, feed me and my Dad, hopefully offset the mortgage payment and justify the term "farmette". That's the plan - good thing the days are longer ;)

Some people mocked me (love you Daddy-o) when I asked to carry a trailer load of oddly sized 4 x 4's (full of nails) up to the farmette instead of to the dump. Little did they know the next day I would covet an entire fence full of 2 x 2's, nails still attached. Also headed for the dump. These were a little trickier to handle, i.e nobody wanted to help, but as you can see, they also made it to the woodpile.

It's a good thing too, because when I hit the lumber store Saturday to pick up a few extra 4 x 4's that I had figured I'd need, guess what - NO LUMBER. Not a stick. Apparently, the clients are paying the building contractors late, so the contractors owe the lumber store for their lumber, and the lumber store can't pay their bill to the lumber yard... trickle up economics?! Nearest other lumber store - three hour round trip...

Anywho - after rounding up a few scraps over the weekend, today I went to town. Once I solved the wood puzzle, it looked like I was still two 4 x 4's short. I went to the trim pile - the ends off of everything I had cut so far - and pieced together the remaining two boards I needed. And the leftover pieces fit exactly - this kind of thing gets me so excited - instant lumber karma. :)

Tomorrow I'll screw it all together, and then comes the fun part - me and the wheelbarrow have a date with the compost pile...

I've already seen snakes lurking... gloves mandatory!

144 square feet

Can you see where it's pieced together?


  1. Great idea. A girl after my own heart. Most people love to shop in malls, my favorite places are lumber yards and flower nursery's. Have fun, I'll bet you do well at the farmer's market.

  2. They look great and I am so impressed by your ingenuity with your scrap lumber and your handiness with power tools. When jason sees me with power tools he gently pries them from my hands and starts to back away slowly.

  3. Holy shit, you are TALENTED. What a great job you did. And with the price of lumber, even if there had been any available, you are a genius too. I'm totally impressed.
    Doug is the world's greatest hoarder (I have to be vigilent or we'd be buried), so we always have piles of used lumber around. It definitly comes in handy.
    Those are great raised beds (or will be as soon as you get soil / manure in them). You'll be able to grow lots of vegetables for home and selling too. Good job.

  4. Awww - I love you guys :)

    GHM -
    And hardware stores!!

    Melissa -
    Ha - I almost belabored this post with the tale of how building my loft + power tools broke my first boyfriend and I up lol ;)

    Carol -
    I've been trying to see the economic downturn / recession / depression as an opportunity for releasing creativity. Last summer I absolutely would have purchased new lumber. What doesn't kill you...

  5. Wow, I'm impressed. From a pile of used sticks to nice beds. Would have taken me a week! But now you have to keep us updated on the veggies - lots of pics.

  6. They look awesome!! Very resourceful, I am impressed!! Good luck at the market! It makes for some early rising in a Saturday morning but you meet some great people. It is funny how you are hard pressed to find local produce at a famers market. Our market has a rule that a certain percentage of your produce must come from your own garden. It's like 60% or something. I didn't do the produce last year I sold artisan bread and pasta and plan to do it this year too. We eat and I can and freeze everything that comes from my garden. I have never had surplus before. Good luck and again your beds look awesome!!

  7. Way to go! A gal after my own heart.

  8. Oh this is making me all twitchy and excited! I only have a quarter acre (about 12 x 60 is backyard) but I'm thinking of putting up a small raised garden bed too! Great use of recycled materials. Did I mention I'm frequently referred to as "RePsycho" in social circles?!

  9. Those look good! I think it's cool that you pieced them together- shows ingenuity and it gives them character.

  10. Wow - I have about 275 projects that need just such ingenious skill - I come up with the ideas but don't exactly have the know-how to implement. I LOVE your recycled board beds - can't wait to see your finished produce!

  11. Awesome C!
    C an'twait to show my manwhen he comes home this weekend! He brings home all sorts of cast offs( often with nails) and makes very cool garden art.

    If you put copper on top, or cracked nut shells, the slugs won't enter your veggie patch!
    This is a perfect reason to give Val time off!

    Thanks for the Humor you always infuse for me in comments..."need for speed"cracked me up! Yes, never a still moment with my mare ~

    Your daddy will be proud (he already is!) You grow girl!

  12. You are amazing! I like your vision and creativity. I agree with grow, girl!! :-)


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