Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

At the Barn #51 - Better living through chemistry

For the first time in ten days, the shiny yellow orb made an appearance in the sky this morning - burning eyes and singeing skin. The collective mood lifted.

Our mosquito population however, has reached astronomical levels now that the rain is finally gone. There is no way you can work outdoors for more than five seconds without protection. It's epic - no one can remember it ever being this bad before.

I generally avoid using bug spray, but right now it is a necessity, for humans and horses. They are suffering too. Val volunteers himself for spraying and scratching immediately upon my arrival to the farm, by galloping to the gate and screeching to a halt with some head tossing thrown in for emphasis.  He often gives sweet grooming in return to show his appreciation. Val has really lifted my spirits lately.

Yesterday I almost reached my breaking point upon discovering at dusk that the well pump wasn't pumping (again). Process of elimination led me to a faulty pressure plate, which my Dad and I repaired today, but tolerating the conditions while diagnosing - mosquitos flying into your eyes, up your nose down your throat - put me over the edge. (I capped off my pity party last night with Haagen Daz Creme Brulee. All better.)

Oh look Dad, surprise in the pump house!

There is talk that our road will be back in early October, but no confirmation yet. As of today, they've spanned half the breach... thank you so much road fixing guys!!!

Is tiny road fixing man getting ready to bust a move?!

This weekend we're expecting cool north winds and temps in the 60's. Perfect. Looking forward to leaving the post hurricane blues behind. Yes indeed.

Oh, and Seven is a big help too. Extra good snuggler, this one :)


  1. Oh my gosh you poor thing, you and Val. We're (hopefully!) done with our mosquito invasion, but it was worse than ever before this year. You don't need that AND frigging snakes on top of everything else! Take can't last forever, right:)? Oy...tough month for everyone it seems like.

  2. I started to itch when I saw that bug picture! Holy crap! I don't know what kind of snake that is, but they do keep the mice population down...just saying.. :-)

  3. Yipes! That snake gave me a start!
    Your footing looks wonderful. Naturally sandy?

  4. Val is so sweet. What a nice horse.

    I thought we were having bad mosquitoes this year, but now I think that we have it pretty good. I am glad that you have your animals and your Dad to help you out.

  5. Hang in there! I am saying this in every comment! We are getting 40s this weekend - hoping the cool nights will help finish off the bugs.

  6. That pic of the bugs makes me want to start flailing my hands and swatting. And I thought our flies were bad here... YIKES! Y'all have my sympathies (and all of my bug spray too). Here's hoping the cooler weather will significantly diminish the population, STAT.

    Also, Seven is ADORABLE! Look at that face!

  7. You win! Your bugs are the worst I've seen. We have a real swarming fly problem here so have also resorted to fly spray. All of ours wear fly masks (when it's not raining) and they really help keep them comfortable. Val couldn't be cuter or more loveable and neither could Seven.

    Nice snake. Not. Hope he's not poisonous. Hope the well thing gets fixed fast and your road comes in even faster than predicted. Hang in there.

  8. I hope with the sun making an appearance and the drop in temps that you can move past all this mess. So sorry.

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  10. Since I live in a landlocked area we rarely see mosquitos, and of course I have no complaints about that! Hopefully the cooler weather will be less attractive to them and they will leave you alone.

    I would have DIED if I stuck my face in the pump house for a look-see and was greeted by that snake.

  11. Well, here's hoping whatever eats skeeters in your neck of the woods rapidly starts to multiply as a result of this lovely (not!) bloom. The weather seems to be the only thing that will really knock back a bad population explosion.

  12. OH I AM SO HAPPY you for some sunshine therapy! Hope infusion, that true.

    Those bugs made me queezy to think of dealing with. I'm so sorry that its been one think, then another.
    Val is so good to lift your spirits . Our animals seem to know when our spirits are down . Nine also has come to.your aide!

    C you are made of the stuff that survivors are made of. Snakes, bugs, strong winds and torrents of rains can't shake our Ms Pie in the Sky girl!!!

    Love ya, so happy to read of your continued tenacity!

  13. Holy crud- that mosquito picture is scary!

    Glad you're getting back to normal, even with the hiccups, I was getting worried about you.

  14. This post was very dramatic and you had my heart racing for a few minutes. First with the mosquitos (EEEK, yuck!) , then the snake (AAAAHHH!) and then with the guy about to bust a move (hiaaaaaarious!. That video is the cutest thing I have ever seen--big ole horse lips on the spray bottle. How can a creature so huge be so darn cute?

  15. I nominated you for a blog award. Drop by and pick it up when you get a chance.


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