Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Friday, October 25, 2013

If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough...

The trip home from Md was swift and uneventful, if supremely uncomfortable and a tad nerve wracking. I was packed and ready to leave at dawn. Val loaded beautifully, and the traffic gods blessed us. I managed to get an appointment with a semi-local ortho the following afternoon...

Doctor #3 was definitely my fave.

Not because he was handsome, funny and gentle, but because he saw no need to slice me open and insert a Plate With Six Screws - Dr. #2's solution. (Dr. #1 vet wrapped my splint so tightly that my fingers nearly burst from swelling.) While the surgical option would have given me wrist mobility the soonest, the thought of general anesthesia + invasiveness made me sick with dread.

We let gravity comfortably realign the larger bone pieces. The results are a long cast, reaching a few inches below my shoulder. Mid November brings a short cast - total of six weeks. No restrictions other than don't pick up more than five pounds, and if it hurts - don't keep doing it. Thank goodness for common sense.

So far I have managed the pain with otc anti-inflammatories. The inconvenience and worry far outweigh the discomfort. Still haven't figured out how to work an ice tray, wash my right arm and - horrors - open an oyster. Hay bale slinging is out of the question, though I can manage the rest of my jobs so far.

It wasn't all emergencies and drama up at the farm. My hosts were so wonderful. And I learned so much. The one hand typing style is getting old though, so next post - clinic write-up.


  1. Glad to hear that you and Val are home and that healing has commenced. Poor Val - glad he got off the grass quickly and didn't have a worse episode!

  2. Glad to hear you're going to be ok and you went with doctor #3. Sounds like a plan. I was worried about your drive home, one- armed with a shift. Happy that it worked out well for you.

    Good to hear you caught Val's bout of laminitis early. Can't wait to hear about the clinic. When you can type again...;)

  3. Everything sounds positive - especially Doctor #3. Time for healing and time for bones to realign naturally and no invasive anything by humans. Surely your best option.

    Continued healing thoughts from here for the pain. Also for the pain of trying to live life one-handed. Think of all the brain growth you are getting as you develop your right brain/left brain opposite skills! Maizie is ambidextrous - I'm not and I've always been envious of her dexterity.

    Thank goodness your sweet Val is healthy and sound - especially with the mild footiness. Travel and new experiences can wreak havoc with all horse systems - physical and mental - think of all the new information going into his eyes and brain - sugar or no sugar - travel to new places is a shock and probably turned his world upside down. What a scare but so glad you two landed in good hands at the farm.

    Great insight about not worrying what others think. It is the only way to do right by your horse. This is your journey with Val. No one else matters.

  4. When it rains in your neck of the woods, it really pours! I am so sorry that Val, and consequently you, had to go through all of that. And will continue to go through all of that. This seems like good timing then, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award.

  5. So glad you escaped surgery - I agree, please don't cut me! Poor Val, I hope his feet feel better soon.

    Can't wait to hear the story, but take your time with the one-handed typing! ;)

  6. It could have been the laminitis that made him nervous and his feet hard to handle - he might have been uncomfortable supporting himself on three feet while you picked the other.

    Glad you made it home OK and have a recovery plan that makes sense.

  7. You are not dumb. These things happen and its always easier to say "I should have" after the fact. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  8. Phew glad you got home ok... probably wasn't the most sensible thing you've ever done but needs must, as they say.
    V interesting about the grass, Val and lamnitis. I am more & more dubious about horses and their feedstuffs and I am determined to find a 0 sugar low fibre feed for Aero this winter... the option offered with his livery is barley but something inside me is screaming NOOOOOOOOOO

  9. Wow! I missed a lot! Darn life, always getting in the way of the important stuff like the internet!

    I hope Val feels better soon, and you, too! I quite agree with you about surgery, I try to avoid it myself.

    For the ice tray: Run the bottom of they tray under hot water for a couple seconds. Put a towel flat on the counter, put the tray on top of the towel and bang the cube bottoms with a hammer. They'll pop right out onto the towel, then you can just pick up the ends of the towel and dump the cubes into the bin. Can't help you with the oysters, though. Find a bar that sells them on the half-shell ;)

    Oh, and there's a Blogger app that lets you post from your phone. You only need one hand to type on a phone....

  10. I'm glad you're home safe and sound, and I'm glad you were able to get to Val in time. You definitely wouldn't have wanted to add that to the mix! I think the plan with Doctor #3 sounds like a good option and I hope you heal up quickly!

    Looking forward to hearing about the clinic!

  11. Glad you got home ok and that you caught the laminitis. Also, Dr #3 seems like a good choice and oysters really aren't an every day food, right? ;)
    Sending healing thoughts your way so everything can get back to normal as soon as possible.

  12. I'm glad you made it home and that you seem to be adapting pretty quickly. I wish it hadn't happened.. after watching my sister with a broken arm I would never wish it on anyone. Such an inconvenience and so painful. She didn't let them (or rather my dad didn't) put a plate or pins in hers either and it healed up great. Doctors are way too quick to want to do surgery.

    I hope Val is okay. :( Laminitis sucks. Please keep us updated when you feel up to it.

  13. As someone who has a plate and screws in her leg, the surgical option isn't the end of the world- if it comes to that. Though I don't blame you at all for wanting to avoid it.

    I found that I could do OTC painkillers during the day, but I like the high powered ones at night so I could sleep. You must be one tough cookie!

  14. ouch!!! I hope that it heals quickly.

  15. Glad you found a doctor who's plan you like and are healing up!

  16. Happy to hear that you have found a doctor that you like and that Val is recovering from his episode. Sending positive thoughts your way.

  17. Glad to hear you've found a solution that sits well with you. Heal quickly, heal well!

  18. Oh My, My, My!!!!
    I Tried To Leave One Of The Coolest Comments(My Opinion)As You Left For
    This Amazing Trip...But
    Something Was Askew With My Connection. I'd Been Off Blogger For So Long,I Was A Stranger. It Would Acknowledge Me!

    So, Now I'm Upsidedown, In The Know....I'll Just Start From Here.....
    Sheeeeeite! Dang I'm So Sorry! I Remember Reading That You Had Opted OuT Of Grass Turnout..I Thought That Wise, As Fall Grasses Are Just As Volatile A Spring. Ooops, Well Shoot. Though, It Sounds Like Val Is Okay...But Not You.

    I'm Thinking, You Didn't Even Get To Ride? He Told You In Bo Uncertain Term, "I'm Hurting", Please Join Me?

    I'll Need To Read The Previous To Find Out -How Badly He Wanted That-

    That's Vital...Healed Me So Nicely. I Was Religious About Eating Then

  19. On The Phone...Sorry It Ended Abruptly.

    Oh! I'm So Late, Bet You've Improved Tons. Praying So!!!!

  20. One of my favourite songs and the primary motto by which I live my life!


  21. Wow - look what I missed while I was gone - I hope you are healing and that Val is back to normal. As someone who broke her right arm, dislocated her elbow and went thru surgery, I can only say that you need to remind yourself every day that things will go back to normal eventually. Last November, I couldn't touch my right hand to my nose. A year later, I can do almost everything normally, including raising my arm straight up over my head - a gift I am grateful for every day. As you get well and start physical therapy, check out these JAZ (sp?) splints - my insurance paid for them and I was able to put them on twice a day, adjust how much bending I could tolerate and in the end, slowly but surely I was able to turn my wrist and move my arm. Just don't over-do anything!!! Sending hugs to you and Val!

  22. It's JAS -- here's the link


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