Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

When the troubles arise, I'm the cool coper...

Until yesterday - when I melted down royally. Epically. Thoroughly. Let's say my animal companions ran and hid.

Monday was the long awaited graduation to short cast day. I'd been trapped in a cast up to my armpit for a month, so my hopes were high about the second appointment with Dr. Dreamy, until -

I didn't feel comfortable hopping off the table to grab my trusty iphone and snap a selfie of the naked arm, which was kind of crooked and not quite stiff enough once the cast - which contained a fair amount of hay - was peeled off.

The not nearly as charming x-ray tech couldn't look me in the eye when I asked her about my pix. Dr. D didn't have a happy look on his face either. The bones are actually further apart than the original break, with no sign of new bone. This practice isn't cool about sharing my films with me. I'll leave the disappointing images to your imagination.

So I'll be getting surgery next Tuesday - a plate and six screws, which cost thousands of dollars apiece apparently, the joy of general anesthesia + getting cut open. 

Bad news. the whole process is going to take much longer to resolve. 8 - 12 more weeks. I have to anticipate the event all week, with the knowledge of my wiggly arm riding around in the dirty old cut up ace bandaged on cast. Poor wiggly arm. :(

Good news - once the hardware is installed, I'll get a brace rather than another cast. I'll get my wrist back immediately, and everything should get better rapidly. Fingers crossed...

I sincerely hope that next year is an improvement over this past one. Losing dear ones, personal betrayals, weather related chaos, and big steps backwards with my pony have kept me battling to maintain a positive attitude. Morale has suffered, my health has suffered, and blogging has suffered. I'm ready for change. :D

Whaa? Wasn't me. Eating Hoovering the grapes you were saving in the tack room...
Winter dapples
Hey lady - why you do that?
Ground work
Looks different
Smells different
What's with the hard arm lady?!
Does it....
... TASTE different?!
Pre bad x-rays selfie


  1. That sucks! I'm so sorry you have to have surgery. :( What caused the bones to be further apart? That sounds awful! It also sounds like it's been a really crappy year for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed that 2014 is super awesome to make up for it. :)

  2. Sending postive thoughts your direction. BTW, I have that same hat! Nice and warm on cold mornings doing chores.

  3. Oh man! That does suck! Although Val does not seem to mind it :)
    Here's to a speedy recovery!!!

  4. Best wishes for the surgery - good news is once it's done you'll be truly on the road to recovery.

  5. What a crappy diagnosis after all this time. Sending you good thoughts for Tuesday. At least you know this tine it will heal properly :) that's a plus.

    I can't wait for this year to be over either. We've had a lot of very bad things happen here too that I won't blog about. I wonder if the number 13 really is bad luck.

    Really cute pictures of your little grape thief!

  6. OMFG! Really?! I am sending positive thoughts your way that your surgery is successful and your recovery is quick. Hang in there!!

  7. Thanks for all positive thoughts my dear blogging friends! :D

    achieve1dream -

    The break was steep, and Dr. D thinks there may have been soft tissue trapped in between the bones.

  8. Ew... ow... why did I ask?? I'm sorry you have to have surgery. I hope it heals quickly.

  9. You are entitled to a meltdown, and a better year next year too! I'm really glad there are no selfies of floppy arm, I don't know if I could take it. Good luck on the surgery, I think we all wish we were there to lend you a hand!

  10. Well that sucks... but at least this will force things to heal and you can get on with better things? I hope the surgery goes well!

    Val is too funny! He's SO busted! LOL

  11. I don't know what to say except that just plain sucks! One day you will look back on all of this and laugh. At least that is what I keep telling myself about the last 18 months...

  12. So very sorry - here's to successful surgery and total, quick recovery. Sending good thoughts and hugs from November Hill!

  13. Oh! No! ugh...and I was the number one fan of this doctor and his plan. Oh, that is just the worst. I am so sorry. Hugs and many good thoughts. It must be a turnaround and it all will go better now...has to...

    What an amazing nurse you have though. The one who eats grapes and checks the smell and taste of your cast. Just adorable and makes it all ok. Surely, you can get a grape-y kiss anytime you need it.

    Luck and healing and time...must be the rest you need now? As you say, this surgery and recovery is keeping you safe and away from a much worse fate maybe.

  14. juliette -

    Still a fan of Dr. Dreamy - we gave it a shot. When I broke my arm back in the day, it didn't stay set then either...

  15. that's too bad! Fingers crossed that the plate is no big deal

  16. Oh no, I'm really sorry to hear that Dr D's plan didn't work.
    Nice to see you can still play with Val doing groundwork & stuff tho. And hopefully you'll have some use of your arm within a few weeks.
    (Warning : don't try to do too much. Give the yourself time to heal after the surgery)

    Best wishes. M x

  17. Oh dear. I am disappointed for you. Hope the mend is quick post-surgery.

  18. Aw … so sorry. Heal quickly and know that things always get better. :0)

  19. What remarkably bad news! I am sorry for this obstacle that you now have to deal with. Sounds like it will not be easy. But at least you know you have it IN YOU! YOU CAN DO IT.

  20. oh, that totally bites. You can melt down all you want. Hope it all goes well, and for sure you will have a better year next year!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  21. BLastitall! When You Said,"Fingers Crossed" I Was Happy That You'd Get Your Wrist Back...You'll Be Able To Cross Them!

    I'm So So Very Sorry For That List Of Badies. Personal Betrayal, It's On My Good Riddance List Too, For This Year. Sometimes My Non Trust Of Folks Gets To Be An Issue...But The Good People, Though Few, Way Make Up For Those Spies That Are Cowards.

    I'm Rooting For The New Plan And Val Is Super Patient...He's Just Thinking About His PasT lessons, He'll Be Ready For You.

    Now To Catch Up More.
    Hang On, Hang In!


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