Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

...with a little help from my friends...

Well... my love affair with pain medication was brief.

Our relationship peaked Tuesday night, the hour minute millisecond the surgery meds wore off. PM was there for me, holding my hand, soothing me with warm, fuzzy feelings. But soon enough, PM's annoying habits began to get on my nerves. Dizziness, random itching, inability to sleep, and finally the last straw - nausea. PM was kicked to the curb within 24 hours, and I was basically good to go by Wednesday afternoon.

Every day since has brought improvements.

I happily took my barn chores back on Thanksgiving - (Capt S, Val thanks you, and I thank you) - feeling at least as capable as the days before the surgery.

Over the weekend Val got a much needed grooming, calmly cooperating while I sorted out the hoof picking, and was rewarded with a relaxing grazing session. Q (my Jack Russel terrorist) enjoyed several lingering beach walks. Many small jobs and chores were checked off a (long) list. And I was finally able to cook for myself.

A very old friend drove down Wednesday to hang out with me, making my recovery a lot more fun and interesting. Thanks for the hand, and for the heads up about Grooveshark J. You are welcome anytime.

And I don't know where I would be without my dad - seriously. Lifesaver. You're much appreciated pops. ♥♥♥

Just in case anyone is thinking we're back on easy street, cause we didn't have a hurricane this year, and the government shutdown only lasted two weeks - the big news today is our one and only bridge off the island is closed until further notice.

Apparently some of the very important support pilings aren't touching the ground any longer, due to erosion. State of emergency... anywhere from a week to three months of minimum six additional hours travel time by ferry to get away from our beautiful little island. Like for my 8:30 am doctor's appointment next week...

Click to embiggen...


  1. It seems like you have a bridge out every winter -- or is that just me? I'm glad you're feeling better. I share your feelings about pain meds -- initially great, then the side effects get to me.

  2. Glad you're up and around and doing well.

    Pain about that bridge . . .

  3. Glad you are coping with some much needed help. I almost forgot about hurricanes this year; I didn't miss them though.

  4. Annette -

    This is the third lengthy closure in a little over a year.

    The bridge was only supposed to last until 1993. Much needed replacement has been in the works for years, but legal challenges from environmental groups keep delaying things...

  5. Great news about all the help you received and about the slow, but steady improvement!

    Love the photo!!!!! And the lingering beach walks in general. So amazing!

    With the news of your bridge (again!) I can't help but think you are supposed to stay on that island. The purity, the simplicity, all of it - sounds frustrating ONLY when you try to leave! Don't leave. (I know...stupid...but I would dream about that if I were you!)

    Grooveshark has been our best friend here for many years. That and Total Recorder - yes, we are very, very horrible people absconding with free music at every turn.

    Hugs to everyone there especially your dad. What a hero!

  6. I read about the bridge yesterday and immediately groaned on your behalf. :/

    I'm glad to hear that things are moving on with recovery - here's to continued progress!!

  7. Good to hear you're starting to get back to normal. I have been up since three this morning scratching away. So my OxyContin is no longer an option. I'll just have to tough it out too. Don't overdue it and good luck at the docs.

    Bummer about the bridge. Some day maybe the environmentalists will realize people need the bridge to survive. Gorgeous picture of the beach and sky. I would love to live on an island. It looks so peaceful.

  8. GHM -

    Don't you overdo it either lady! ;D

    What's up with that itching - are we allergic maybe? I've been comfy with ibuprofen - hope that will help you too.

  9. Don't know what's up with the itching. If anyone saw me they'd think I had fleas! Guess it's a side effect. I'll try some Tylenol later.

  10. Island living is great but problematic so I feel your pain!

  11. Oh wow. I am so glad to hear you are doing better. There is nothing like jetting back into the routine of things. I am sure the horses are glad you are back as well.

  12. Glad you are starting to feel better!!

    Jack Russel terrorist - made me laugh out loud at work!!

  13. I adore that Panoramic shot! It made me feel all fuzzy and nice.Your corner of the world is beautiful C.

    Well ick...Meds. Last time I went into the Dr. for something She said, "I'm gonna prescribe you Oxycodone"...I said, " No you won't!" just that fast....It even shocked me. I went onto say quickly, "Hives, nausia, hypertension". And she said,"What do you want then?" REALLY.... I told her about the only other surgery I had and the good results from Meds I had with the prescription. Percidan It was. I took it at night and felt all fuzzy and slept like a baby!

    If you can do without, you are FAR BETTER!

    The Gov stuff effected us too..financially. But not being able to get off your island paradise to your DR. -That sucks. I don't know why you have been chosen for large doses of patience and the discipline of "wait" and "try"..but you'll know a thing or two, through this. A Good Mentor for anyone.
    Guess the Ferry will be safer than trying to drive. Take your camera!!

    So glad for the friend that came and for your wonderful Pa! Thanksgiving in the daily!

    Praying daily with you,

  14. So good to hear from you KK... thank you for your kind and encouraging thoughts. :D

    Hope all is well in your part of the world - been wondering what you and Wa mare were up to.

  15. Did they give you Vicodin? It's notoriously itchy. Percocet is much better. I find the best painkiller is a stiff drink, though!

    Glad to hear that you're improving, though, and that you've got such a great support team! Bummer about the bridge, though. Hopefully they'll get it fixed soon.

    Love your use of the word embiggen. I don't know why more people don't use it, it's a perfectly cromulent word....

  16. Shannon -

    Percodan and -cet also make me itch.

    Not good with pain killers - I think I'm allergic. Someone advised that Benedryl helps. No need though... the arm feels great now that it's connected again.

    Having my first adult beverage(s) post injury this very evening. ;D

  17. You are one tough cookie, that is for sure. I know how hard it was when Jason was hurt last fall ('12). Wish I was closer as I would have been so happy to be part of your support network. Glad you have taken over chores already!

    I don't think I could deal with the bridge on/off thing all the time . . .

  18. You always have all kinds of things going on!!! But now that it is officially holiday season (and we all know how crazy those can get), my christmas wish for you is peace on earth and all around you, including in the cells and molecules in your own body! Happy holiday season to you!

  19. Glad your recovery is going well! Hope the bridge gets fixed soon. Must be very disconcerting.

  20. Oh good grief on the bridge! I'm glad they figured it out before something bad happened. I definitely wouldn't make anymore morning doctor's appointments though lol! I'm glad you're feeling better. I can't handle strong pain meds... I just take ibuprofen, even after having my wisdom teeth surgically removed I only took ibuprofen. :) I'm glad you don't have to take it anymore.

  21. First- that photo is amazing! Love it. Second- so glad your arm is doing better! And finally, holy crap I can't believe you don't have a bridge off the island. That would scare the pants off me.


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