Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

At the Farmette #11 - All Creatures Great and Small...

We share the farmette with many living things.

My favorite encounter this year happened during the big 'ol drought we had for most of the summer. I noticed the resident rat snake (usually found keeping the hay barn mouse free, or scaring the tar out of me as I move hay bales) slithering down the wall of the chicken coop. As per usual, I snapped a couple of pictures.

While watching her, I remembered finding a few eggs suspiciously smashed, or out of place that week. Since she was bee-lining into the coop, I picked her up to re-direct.

Then - something sort of magical happened. I suddenly had a thought - really more of a picture - in my mind, that the snake was super thirsty. As she twined around my arm, I put her head over by the rim of the full rain barrel. Lo and behold, she began to drink. She drank for a full minute while I held her over the barrel. Sadly I'm not coordinated enough to water a snake and video, plus I was kind of in shock, so you'll have to take my word for it.

Here's a selection of our fellow residents -

This one isn't supposed to live north of southern South Carolina

Polyphemus Moth - anyone else read Girl of the Limberlost?

Seven's extra toes came in handy here

This is the thirsty one


                                          ♬♪♫ On the Third Day of Christmas... ♬♪♫

Sittin' chilly


  1. Thanks for sharing all your resident critters. I'm not big on snakes but glad you've got a friendly relationship with yours. When I see one we part company pretty quickly in different directions. It's amazing how fast I can run sometimes!

    The guy looks very relaxed in the pic.

  2. There will be no pictures of me holding snakes, like, ever. I can't imagine the duress I would have to be under. We all have our phobias . . .

  3. Things that fly creep me out the most! That strange black-winged beast would have me packing my bags!

  4. Wow, you have quite the slitherly collection! We just have our two resident rat snakes, but ours our spotty rather than stripey like yours. I wish we had others - I HATE rats!!!

  5. I absolutely loved your thirsty snake story when you had commented on my blog about it and it made me grin to see it here!

    Welcome back! I'm thoroughly enjoying all of your posts! :)

  6. So cool about the thirsty snake. Sounds like telepathy. ;)


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