Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Sunday, June 20, 2010

In the Arena #16 - The hurrier I go, the behinder I get

 First I must say that it is such a pleasure to spend time with my horse. Whether it's stiflingly hot trailer rides, putting up with changes of venue and schedule, or being asked to focus and work a little (much) harder than usual... Val faces most everything with a calm, relaxed attitude. He is the definition of easy going. I am so very fortunate to be his partner, and I resolve to treasure every minute that we have together. My trainer's not half bad either - thanks Erin!

What we need to work on:
 - Be in the moment - Val deserves / needs me to be 100% there to help him... everything I do while riding must come from a place of assisting my horse
 - Allowing Val to reach and go forward while still maintaining contact - through the elbow (not hand)
 - Gently keeping the neck straight... this is about finesse, not strength
 - Fluidity
 - I have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to resolve issues (and I should spend it discovering the holes in my aiding)

 When I did my part,  I was rewarded with some lovely work at the walk and the trot. I could feel Val using his back, lengthening his stride and reaching under himself. Val was rewarded with a massage. The therapist left me with stretches and exercises to support and strengthen Val's core, lower back and hips. I'm certain our dressage habit will only benefit Val's (and my) physical and mental well being :)

In addition to lessons, there was a hay run, trip to the feed store and some socializing. We had intended to go to a rodeo too, (cowboys!) but a colic emergency - not one of ours thank goodness - cancelled those plans. I wasn't too bummed, the extra sleep time was welcome. Another action packed weekend with my trainer has come to an end. We have plenty to work on until next time.


  1. He sounds (and looks) like a real sweetheart! I like that you aren't in a hurry - that's so important and I think many people make mistakes because they're in a hurry. And you're absolutely right about needing to be there every moment for the horse - if we aren't then they're forced to make decisions for themselves.

  2. Val is a sweetheart, and a bit of a clown.

    I can only say that my ambition / intention is not to be in a hurry lol... I was flailing quite a few times in my lessons over the weekend. It is good advice though. :)


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