Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The deed is done

Well, despite some serious incompetence - (for example, less than twenty four hours before closing we discovered the wrong parcel number on all of the paperwork ) - I closed on my farmette today (!) Kind of anticlimactic compared to all of the drama leading up to the closing. I'm relieved to move on to the next phase which will include the new arena and some improvements to our run in shelters... I'd like to put in a window for cross ventilation and to build a removable panel to partially close off the opening and provide more protection when we get the inevitable tropical storms / hurricanes that come this time of year.

I have been pondering names... so far I've got Pie in the Sky Farm, suggested by my boarders because in March I told them I was considering buying the property but it was a pretty "pie in the sky" idea.
Also in the running is Dreamweaver Farm. I'm still thinking on more fact - I'm off to sleep on it. :)


  1. Congratulations! That is so exciting love the site for the large arena, as well as the smaller one you made - so neat and tidy.

    Have fun naming the farm - when we moved in, I had a list of names that no one here liked, and my daughter wanted to name it:

    I Can't Tell My Painted Ponies Apart

    which meant we'd need a lot more painted ponies... :)

    But then I offered November Hill and it was embraced by all. We moved the last day of September and by November, with the fall colors and having our horses with us, it felt like we had landed in paradise!

  2. Thanks Billie!

    November Hill is a great name, although "I Can't Tell My Painted Ponies Apart" was a very creative suggestion :)

    I'm still mulling it over - I usually get my best ideas when I'm riding the tractor around lol.


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