Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In the Arena #20 - Mystery swelling and three's a charm (?!)

While the farrier was working on Val yesterday, we noticed that his left hind was filled in; fetlock and ankle a bit swollen, and there is some heat. Hoof is cold. He does not seem to be off. When the farrier had his opposite hind up on the stand, he didn't react or favor. I do remember seeing a spot of blood the night before, which I figured was a particularly vicious bug bite, and I'm pretty sure certain it's not work related. I gave him bute and have cold hosed his leg... not really sure what else I should do.

A bit disappointing as the temperature has finally cooled off, and we're headed off to my trainers for a long overdue weekend of lessons. I'm hoping it's a minor issue and clears up in the next day or so.


On another note, more snake sightings. Our temporary boarders arrived just when the farrier did yesterday. Kind of chaotic timing... I got them settled in, and they took off on their first trail ride.

Maybe 20 minutes later, a cell call, followed by two more in quick succession. The panicky boarder had come across snakes in the trail. I told her that I usually keep a few pebbles in my pocket for running critters off the trail, assured her that the twice daily trail rides had no problems and suggested she throw something at them. I tried to get a description of the snakes from her, but she was freaking out by that point.

She returned to the barn and decided not to finish out her stay. Even after the recent snake experience we've had, I have a live and let live policy toward snakes, and find that if you don't accidentally step on one, there's no usually trouble, but many people do have excessive fear of them. If you learn how to identify the ones that are in your area and what their habits are, we can generally coexist. That said, I wouldn't tolerate on in my barn or hanging around close to the house, but I think they would really like to avoid us as much as we want to avoid them.

So, after finishing up with the farrier and comforting the panicky boarders, I sat on the tailgate, pulled my (very late) lunch from the cooler and got out my newest issue of Equus to read. What's the "special report" cover story this month?



    1. Hope to hear that Val is feeling better before your weekend lessons. As for the snake...I'd have been freaking out too. They just scare the hell out of me. Glad you're not afraid as long as you have so many around your place. Good luck in your lessons.

    2. Hi Arlene-

      Just got back from the barn... the swelling and heat have subsided somewhat, but they're not gone yet.

      I'll be happy when snake season is over! :)

    3. Glad to hear Val is on the mend. We take a similar view of snakes - I don't want poisonous ones right by the house or barn, but we welcome the black snakes.

    4. Billie-

      Can't wait to see how the leg looks tonight... fingers crossed. I wish he would heal himself like Salina :)

    5. I bet he will! But the swelling takes some time to go down. All that abscess had to do was burst!


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