Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Friday, November 25, 2011

In the Arena #90 - Just my 'magination....

Good Thanksgiving. Sharing the kitchen with my pastry chef sister and wine maker brother in law, cracking up at my delightful three year old nephew, and singing (belting it out baby!) along with a play-list of old favorites - what a great day.

The weather was perfect, so we capped off the afternoon with a visit to the farmette. (dinner was at my Dad's place) Val was super happy to hoover up some treats, Sweetpea and Q enjoyed our company on their evening dog walk and everyone got to inspect the Shimmy Shack + Seven's very special feet.

I am indeed blessed :)


Upon re-reading, the recent posts about Val's and my work in the arena have been on the rapturous side. While I aim to be accurate in my accounting - I honestly haven't had many difficulties to report lately - which kind of blows my mind... And since I'm without eyes on the ground, (still no trainer) it's easy to question myself, and wonder if wishful thinking may have gotten the best of me. More work to do in the confidence department...

Happily, my dear friend Jenn showed up to the farmette with her new camera today, just in time to document our session. It was another beautiful day shared with friends, and another lovely ride. Yay :)


  1. I love how happy Val looks in these photos--he is a really gorgeous horse, but he has a beautiful personality to match.

    Never be ashamed of horse-rapture! Take it whenever you can get it, even if you maybe weren't riding "perfectly." Those feelings of awesomeness are what makes all the rest of it worthwhile.

  2. Love the pictures of you and Val together. He is a gorgeous boy with a great personality. You look so happy and made for each other. I'm so happy that you are having such great rides.

    Your holiday sounds like it was very special. There's nothing better than to be with family.

  3. Nice hands! This is exactly how my new trainer had my hands, much wider than I was use to! Val looks good, nice and relaxed:) Glad you had a great thanksgiving.

  4. Gorgeous photos of you and Val. I think your friend captured the bond you and Val have. You are so close and it is obvious in the photos.

    This series of pictures is a perfect example of how our horses mirror what we do or vice versa. Look at the angle of both of your heads/faces. In the first one, you both are looking up and alert. In the second one you both are looking down. I can't tell in the third. The fourth has you both turning so your heads are at the exact same angle. Side one next. The last one is the release and relax together. Very nice!

  5. Fetlock-
    I hope horse rapture can become a perpetual state ;)

    Thanks - Val is very special. They all are, aren't they?! I love reading about your herd :)

    Thanks. I was liking the pictures where there is a straight line from the bit to my elbow, but I needed to turn my pinkies in more ;)

    I read the post about your new trainer - she reminds me of my old trainer, classical. Looking forward to following your lessons!

    Thankfully we're on the same page more and more often these days.

    I almost put a disclaimer on the looking down picture... I was ducking under some scratchy branches that need to be pruned asap lol. :)

  6. The first photo shows how centered and even you are in the saddle. Very nice lateral balance!

    Val is stretching to the bit in such a lovely, honest way. You are doing great work! Please share the rapture! When I read stuff like that I think, oh awesome, this is what makes riding the best thing in the world. I never question the rider's ability, because riding is always about finding those moments and the horse makes them available to all of us. Being able to listen for them and then describe them to us is a gift. Bravo!

  7. I. Love. Your. Horse. !!! He clearly adores you and trusts you. Lovely photos. I demand more. :)

  8. Great photos. I think they prove that you aren't 'wishful thinking' when you reflect that your rides are going well. I love the way he looks so happy and relaxed, yet at the same time I see he is getting more round. You're doing a great job. I'd tell you how gorgewous I think he is, but I've already told you numerous times :)
    I enjoyed your comments about temperatures in the trailer and how it can get chilly. I hear ya! Hope you have some cozy sweaters :) I'm enjoying my time in my trailer immensely and learning it's all about dressing correctly even when the furnace is working :)

  9. Val-
    Thank you. Your comment brought tears to my eyes... (in a good way) :)

    Oh thank you. I have enjoyed reading your blog and looking at the lovely Hampton for a while now :)

    If Val had access to our blog his head would get even giant-er than it already is!

    I am so envious of, I mean happy for you, being able to focus on training and horse time these days. I can't wait for the next report. :)

  10. What GREAT pictures!!! :) Val looks awesome, you've done well!

  11. You look like you both are having fun! He is gorgeous and you look great on him. I'm only back in the saddle, but I am really impressed!

  12. Don't you kinda love seeing yourself riding Val in pictures? They let us know so much. And your pics look really great! I am also so jealous that you are riding in a tee shirt. But what I really love is how Val's eyes are closed in the picture when you are petting his neck! He looks like he is in heaven! So darn cute!

  13. I am sorry i have been absent from your blog, I enjoy reading about you and Val so much. Your ride sounds like it was very nice. He is such a nice boy!


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