Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Thursday, February 23, 2012

In the Arena #105 - Saddle search update mini post, (squeeeeee!)

My saddle search may be over. Will post the full story later...

I have made an offer that has been accepted on this saddle - a nearly new Neidersuss Symphonie. Nice saddle at a great price. Should have all the details sewn up this evening. This was my number two saddle choice, but I hadn't run across a properly sized + priced specimen. These saddles hold their value. SO happy. :)

Hello Neidersuss Symphonie
(fat enough for Val, flat enough for me)


  1. Looks really nice. Hope it works out for you and Val.

  2. LUCKY!! And I'm also jealous since I may have to start saddle shopping myself. I would almost (ALMOST but not quite) rather quit riding than saddle shop.

  3. smazourek-

    My leather full seats will come in handy I think. ;)

  4. GHM-

    Thanks - I hope so to. There's still the fit issue to contend with. I've got a good feeling about it though. :)

  5. Story-

    My first years of dressage lessons were in a Neidersuss Symphonie and an old County Competitor. Both flat with negligible blocks. I was planning on settling for a deeper seat if I had to, but the big blocks drive me crazy.

  6. Val-

    I know, right! Jochen Schleese mentions to look for saddles whose channels don't get smaller under the cantle. Yay!

  7. Melissa-

    Hoping I don't have to repeat the experience anytime soon. Plus - I still have to sell my saddle...

    That said - I have learned so much about saddle fit and brands of dressage saddles.

    If you know what you're looking for, and have time, ebay is not a bad way to go. I found very helpful.

    Happy hunting!

  8. This is so weird - someone in S. Pines had one of these they were selling and I almost emailed you to see if you were interested. Their price was so low I wondered if they would want to ship or go through any kind of fitting thing.

    This makes me wonder if you found that deal yourself! :)

    Hope it all works out. One of our saddle fitters recommended this saddle for Salina when I was still riding her. She is wide but has a slight dip and something about these panels was supposed to fit that build well.

  9. I've ridden in my Neidersuss for more years than a JR/YR is old!

  10. billie-

    I found mine on ebay. I chose it for those exact reasons you mentioned - fitting a wider curvy back. Plus - I loved riding in my trainers model.

    My current saddle has straight panels, and they were the source of the fit issues, in my highly uneducated opinion.

    Thanks for thinking of us. :D

  11. Terry-

    I hope this will be that last saddle search Val and I have to endure!

  12. I am your personal shopper and you didn't even know it! :)

    The one I saw was 17.5 seat and MW tree - had a few water spots on the leather so she was selling for $500. Otherwise in beautiful condition. I was tempted and I don't even have a horse who fits it!

  13. Super spiffy! I'm telling you, every time I see you posting pictures of English saddles, I get a little crazy and want one for myself.

  14. baystatebrumby-

    Do it - come join us on the dark side! ;D

  15. Very nice! You will both look good in it. :-)

  16. Congratulations! Nice looking saddle. One of my all-time favorites, for horse and rider.

  17. Wow, very cool you found what hopefully will be perfect -for both of you!!


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