Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In the Arena #143 - A Horseman's Heart and Mind...

While emailing back and forth about not being able (once again) to attend the April clinic, I found out that Erik Herbermann has written a new article for the March issue of USDF Connection, titled The Art of Tuning. (page 24) Next best thing to riding with Erik is reading about his thoughtful, horse-centered philosophy of dressage.

A well timed read for me. Generating forward and maintaining tactful contact are consistently the focus of my rides, and progress has been slow. Lacking trainer input for so long now (yes - whining about this again!), I am super ready for some inspiration. Suffice it to say I could use a tune up on tuning up.

Below is an excerpt - and above a link back to the entire article. Enjoy!

"High-quality horsemanship requires of us sound mind and absolute integrity - the engagement of all that is good and worthy in us. Through daily practice, we need to learn to master ourselves, especially the quality of our hearts and the merit of our thoughts; that is we need to learn to control our "inner horses." The better we are at that, the sooner our "outer horses" will, like magic, become easier and more enjoyable to work with. In this way, the delight of finding true harmony with our four-legged friends will have an ever-greater chance of occurring.

Animate thoughtfully and have a wonderful ride!"

"Who among us hasn't smiled in amazement watching horses out in pasture strutting their brilliant motion - and wished we could recreate such grandeur while riding?" 


  1. It always comes back to us, doesn't it? :)

  2. Sorry to hear you can't make the clinic that's very disappointing. Just finished reading the article and couldn't agree more with him. Great trainer with really good insights.

    The picture you have of Val is perfect I had to check back once to make sure it was him!

  3. Great article. I have now confirmed though that I am still an unkind and inhumane rider, despite my best efforts. Sigh. It's a work in progress, but I know I shove and nag and use my stick at the wrong moments. Luckily, I have a pony who won't put up with it and let's me know in no uncertain terms when I'm going wrong. Buck, buck, kick!

    It's a great reminder that if you're having to use big reminders every ride, you're not getting it. Back to the drawing board for me and my not-so-forward pony.

  4. Articles like that are a great place for inspiration, they really help me. Beautiful picture too :)

  5. I read that article the other day and I agree completely!

  6. Oh So Sorry About The Canceled Clinic Ride Too!!! Boo....

    Can't Wait To Read That! He's Just The Best Man With A Heart And Mind Of GOLD For The Equine Art Of Dressage! Thanks!!!

    Ya Know, All This Waiting...Is
    Preparing You, Not Putting You Off.
    You Wait And See, There Will Be Break
    Troughs That Happen, As You Wait.

    Val, He's The Most Handsome
    Hoping Easter Was Special For You,


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