Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Friday, June 14, 2013

In the Arena #147 - Back down to earth, or

'I probably shouldn't let him do that' was the thought that slowly (and too late) went through my mind while Val uncharacteristically reached up to snack on some grape vines cloaking a willow bough. A willow bough that had recently begun to hang down into our arena under its daily increasing weight. 'Damn - I shouldn't have put off cutting that branch down!" was the next thought.

In a heartbeat Val had snatched the vines. Then branch snapped, cracking like a gunshot over our heads. Not wanting to stay in the danger zone - besides the falling tree limb big around as my arm we were right next to my super hot electric fence - Val bolted. He was clear across the arena before either the branch or I had hit the ground, safety first being his motto.

In my defense, if I had been riding bareback instead of on my saddle, for the first time in many months, I'd have stuck with my pony. Or maybe if I had chosen to tighten my girth to the fifth hole as I always do, instead of mulling over whether the it might be squeezing Val's belly, causing his highness discomfort, and therefore leaving it one hole looser. Gravity always wins. Once the saddle slipped we went past the point of no return.

I didn't have the option of snatching his mouth because I was riding on the buckle, having a great post first lesson in forever warmup. And there were no worries about getting caught in the irons because I was managing my position, particular attention on not putting all my weight into them. So those parts were good.

Unfortunately I hurt myself pretty badly.

I landed on directly on my a$$. Smack dab in the middle of the left side to be exact. Too small of an area to cope with the all that force. I have never ever felt pain quite like that before, and I've broken numerous bones as well as smacked my head into pavement a few times. It was an excruciating combination of burning, stinging, stabbing and then numbness. At first I couldn't really move my leg. Bummer.

At this point I looked over at Val, who had the saddle hanging under his belly and was getting a little agitated. I calmed him down, pulled out my cell phone, and started assessing the situation. If I said I didn't start having a bit of a pity party, I'd be lying. Tears were shed. And there was cussing.

After dithering about whether I needed help for a few minutes, I stood up and tried to walk it off. Val was patiently waiting where he had stopped with an unsure look on his face. He stayed perfectly still as I re-saddled him. We headed back over to the fence, so I could remove the branch and vines to the other side, reassuring him that everything was cool now. He wasn't totally convinced, but really was an angel about the whole thing considering.

My pelvis felt super wonky, but I knew I had to get back on. I remounted, and we proceeded to have an excellent ride, other than pain and nausea, including a breakthrough on steering with my seat of all things.

So for those of you that have asked how my rides have been since the lesson - there you go. There's been one. It had it's ups and downs.

Nearest I can tell, what happened to my backside is that all my weight sent my pelvis trying to crash through the meaty part of my rear. I apparently burst a decent sized blood vessel, which immediately began to inflate an enormous hematoma, as well as create the mother of all bruises. At least I didn't hit my head (again), or try to catch myself and break my arm. Yay.

Picture taken that afternoon. Way bigger than my hand... the not colored middle part turned into the half orange. Yes, I really did post this picture. How could I not? ;D

What seems like thousands of  ibuprofren + arnica + ice + heat + massage + three weeks later, and the half a warm and very firm orange stuck to my butt is greatly reduced. (not a good look by the way)  My hips finally feel even and somewhat normal again. This weekend is going to be cool and breezy, perfect for riding. I think I'm ready...


  1. Glad you are ok! I guess better to land on your butt than your head. Still ... ouch! Nice bruise though, cowgirl. ;)

  2. Feeling well enough to ride again already? Impressive!

  3. Aye!!! I'm glad you are 'ok' but ouch!!!

    Hoping for no more falls and some great rides!! :)

  4. OUCH!!!! That's some doozy of a hematoma . . . hope you feel much better soon.

  5. What a horrific experience but so happy you are ok, and Val is fine and of all the places to land, this was probably the best. Still, ouch! Sorry to hear about that but how great that you got back on and had a good ride. Wow. You are gutsy! I think I would have continued the pity party for WAY longer and probably talked myself out of remounting! Good for you!

    Sorry I've been missing on the the blog reading - I vow to do better!

    Also, I love the long warmup on the buckle talk and the loose girth. You are the best horse person ever!

  6. Oh dear! Did the tree branch fall on you as well?

    Please take care and rest. Thank goodness you were okay. That is one seriously colorful souvenir.

  7. I had a landing like that once, I think it was the most painful crash I've had. That really deep bruising takes a long time to heal. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better and I hope your next ride goes a lot smoother.

  8. Oh no... :/ Be careful with yourself and make sure things are healed before you risk re-injury. Sending healing thoughts your way!!

    I'm in the camp that says you don't always have to get back on the horse. But I'm glad you did what felt right to you!

  9. Holy crap, girl! I'm glad you're ok even though your ginormous hematoma says otherwise. Rest up and get better soon!

  10. Wow! Nice colors! That sounds like a very impressive fall and even more impressive that you got back on. Take care and don't push it. Healing first is a good thing.

  11. Yikes! That is one ugly, nasty bruise my dear! Poor you..poor Val! Lucky you landed on the meaty part of your butt and not your coccyx...breaking that HURTS LIKE HELL.

    Bad tree limb..bad bad! Thanks for reminding me I need to trim the tree limbs around my arena before one takes my head off.

  12. Wondered Where You'd Gone To..Oh My! Impressive, All Of It. I Too, Got Back On After My Last Jettison...But Only To Make It Up The Long Hill. Glad You Had A Good Ride, Though.

    Well Shucks,
    Please Make Sure Your Healed...I Waited 5 Weeks, Before Riding...But I Damaged My Spine.

    Glad The Forecast Is For You!! Smiling, Paying For The Best Riding With Your Mind!

  13. Holy crap is right!!! Great pic. ;-) So glad that you are feeling well enough to ride. Hope you are 100% soon!!

  14. 1. That is an awesomely gross picture.

    2. I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award here

  15. I don't want to freak you out, but I fell like that when I was 12 and I'm pretty sure that's why I needed back surgery for a herniated disk at 26. Just be careful, okay? And if you get pain down your legs get an MRI.

  16. smazourek -

    I already freaked myself out plenty. ;D

    Luckily the pain has been backside as opposed to back related, and has been gone for a week or so. Fingers crossed I've seen the end of it because we don't have reliable medical care out here in the hinterlands...

  17. Ooooh, you poor thing. That's a nasty one. Probably worth the trip if you can find a chiropractor somewhere to snap you back in shape. So glad you weren't hurt worse!

  18. Oh - I so know that pain!!!! Last year Speedy bolted and bucked, and I did the same thing. I landed squarely on one cheek/hip. OMG it hurt like the devil. I was at a show and had to get back on as well. It took a while to heal, but I suppose landing on the meaty part of one's butt is probably the best place to land. Sorry about your owie and I hope it heals quickly!

  19. The numbness is the worst, like it hurts so much you can't even feel it anymore. I experienced a very similar pain when I landed in a very similar place a while back. Ouch! Kudos to getting back on! I could barely walk after my fall. Frozen peas were my biggest friend. Glad to hear you are feeling better now and ready to get back in the saddle!
    I also nominated you for the fun little Liebster Award. Check it out back at my blog :)

  20. Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch....
    poor you. that is one spectacular bruise!
    Glad you are feeling better now x

  21. Ouch!!! Are you sure there wasn't a rock hiding in your arena? Dang. I'm glad you're okay now.


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