Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Friday, December 26, 2014

The Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange or A Mysterious Xmas Miracle(!)


The equestrian blogger gift exchange event that Tracy at Fly On Over organized last year was so much fun. When I saw she was kind enough to host another one this year,  I was super psyched to participate again.

It is every bit as fun to arrange the gift you send, as it is to receive yours. Looking forward to the report from my giftee. :D

Sooo, I got a call from my dad on Christmas day, saying he was on his way over for our holiday meal, and he had a package addressed to me. What???

Apparently, an ex-neighbor from my last address, (where I lived well over three years ago) called my dad when he couldn't find a number for me. A package had been delivered across the street, and was sitting forlornly on the porch of my old house, now unoccupied. Thank goodness for nosy ex-neighbors, otherwise that package would never have made into my hot little hands.

(There was actually another xmas miracle. Every single one of the eighteen fresh eggs my girls donated for the caesar salad deviled egg plate peeled perfectly. Every. single. one.)

Dad arrived and handed over a box from Dover saddlery. Pretty much always a good thing to get something from Dover so - yes - that must be mine. All mine. I tore it open, thinking that it might be from my Secret Santa.

Inside was a fresh, white, pristine dressage pad. A thing unheard of in these parts for, well, since I moved onto the farmette. No house = no washer/dryer, so I don't have many any opportunities to wash filthy horse items where I borrow my laundry access.

Underneath the pad was a beautiful horseware winter hat and scarf set - something I would never get for myself, but have admired when window shopping.

After fondling (and trying on where appropriate) my gifts, I dug around looking for a clue about which of you sent it and found -

- nothing. So sad that I can't thank you specifically. Please fess up - whoever you are, and thanks so much for the lovely, thoughtful gifts.


  1. How much fun is that! To have a secret Santa sending gifts. Sounds like you had a fun Christmas and some great egg dishes compliments of the girls.

    Lovely gift hope you find the gifter.

  2. Did you ask Tracy?!

    You had a great Santa!

  3. I love those type of pads from Dover and have a bunch. Super scarf set, hope you find out your mystery :)

  4. Lucky you!! Sounds like a fun gift exchange.

  5. Wow! Apparently, I was a VERY SECRET SANTA! Sorry about that, there was supposed to be a note in there. Also, I had it shipped to your PO Box, no idea how it ended up at your old address. Anyway, I'm really glad that you got it okay and that you like it :) Merry Christmas!

  6. Jodi -

    I'm sure Dover holds the key to the mystery.

    Tracy only had my PO, so they improvised for some reason. I haven't ordered from Dover in many years, since I lived at that address, mostly because there was always something going on with the shipping... slow and expensive.

    Nothing at all wrong with the goodies though - thank you soooo much! Hope you had a wonderful holiday. :D

  7. Great gifts!! Glad they made it to you :)

  8. Lovely gifts from the extra secret santa :)

  9. Great gifts!!! That's too funny that the note went missing hehe. :D I'm glad you figured out who it was from!

  10. Wow, a good story and a great secret santa gift! You lucked out!

  11. What a great gift and glad the mystery is solved :)


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