Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Sunday, December 14, 2014

You don't know what you've got til it's gone...

I'm heartbroken.

One of my all time favorite bloggers - Teresa from Journey with a Dancing Horse - has had an absolutely horrid accident at her farm, and lost her beautiful Andalusian gelding Steele. To make matters worse, if that could even be possible, the incident was caused by a thoughtless and negligent neighbor who couldn't be bothered to be responsible for his dogs.

Steele was as gorgeous, smart and sweet a young horse as anyone can ask for. What's more - Teresa is a great deal of the reason he turned out so well. She got him a little over two years ago as a baby, and has done a magnificent job preparing him to be her riding partner. She had just backed him this past May.

Teresa's thoughtful, tactful training was just beginning to reap rewards. Their story is a great education in how to bring up a baby. It has been a joy to follow their progress.

Until now.

Please drop in and let her know you're thinking of her. And don't forget to hug your horses.

The Flyaway Horse

Oh, a wonderful horse is the Fly-Away Horse-
Perhaps you have seen him before;
Perhaps, while you slept, his shadow has swept
Through the moonlight that floats on the floor.
For it's only at night, when the stars twinkle bright,
That the Fly-Away Horse, with a neigh
And a pull at his rein and a toss of his mane,
Is up on his heels and away!
The Moon in the sky,
As he gallopeth by,
Cries: 'Oh what a marvellous sight!'
And the Stars in dismay
Hide their faces away
In the lap of old Grandmother Night.



  1. Her story make me feel sick to read. I cannot imagine how she must feel.

  2. I'm devastated for her. No one deserves this to happen. Poor Steele. So young! Tragic horrible awful day. :(

  3. that poem brought tears to my eyes. thank you for your warmth and understanding

  4. That is a lovely poem.

    I am still crying at my desk at work from reading her post. My heart is broken for her.

  5. I just read the story. So tragic. I am actually crying for a horse and his person that I don't know. Just awful how these things happen because of one person's thoughtlessness.

  6. I just now saw the post on her blog about twenty minutes ago and I still can't stop crying. It doesn't even feel real. It's like a nightmare. I've never met her or Steele but I fell in love with that sweet, sweet boy and I can't believe he's gone. :(

  7. Oh no, how awful!! Your title is so very true, but what a needless, horrible waste, hugs to all connections.

  8. How awful! I've had some problems with dogs in the past, it makes me crazy. These damn people who just shrug and tell me the dog is just playing.

    I am so sorry.


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