Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Saturday, April 10, 2010

At the Barn #6 - Making hay while the sun shines

I made the trip to my hay connection today. It was a glorious day for traveling... wild wisteria in full riotous bloom along the sides of the road. Dogwood and other flowering trees... the smell of freshly turned earth everywhere as all the farmers seemed to be disking their fields. The folks I buy hay from live a ways away - it's an all day affair to get their hay, but it's consistently high quality, heavy bales, and they are super people to deal with.

During the drive I had time to ponder what it would be like to board my horse. Get to the barn ready to saddle up and ride... stall clean, barn chores done, farrier appointment made, hay unloaded and stacked already. I suppose there would be drawbacks too... I am extremely picky about manure - (ocd) cleaned morning and night, every last piece... come to think of it, I'm particular about most everything regarding Val's care and upkeep. I'd probably drive a barn manager over the edge. (no danger of that happening anyway - the nearest boarding facility is  2 + hours away)

Now we're got 3 months worth of nice hay to get us through until the local hay is cut. Would have been a lovely day for riding but it was worth it :)
Happy Spring!

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