Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Saturday, April 3, 2010

In the Arena / At the Barn - Home Improvements DIY

Hallelujah - I think the lovely weather is here to stay. I (somehow) managed to keep my focus on the first really busy week of landscaping work this season while also making time for my personal gardening and of course - riding time.

Val and I had a very successful session on Thursday. After warming up we worked on transitions and circles. We are cutting to the chase much more quickly than we used to, with less monkey business and fooling around. Mostly we are striving to overcome laziness. To keep things interesting I threw in some figure eights, which are very challenging to my coordination... changing the dressage whip + switching diagonals overwhelms me sometimes... (I wouldn't call it elegant lol). We finished off with some energetic trotting on the buckle that had Val reaching down nicely. He worked up a decent sweat... after a cool sponge-off I did a bit of mane pulling.

Our ride reinforced my desire to move forward with plans to expand our ring / paddock area  - making it a more canter friendly. I've cantered Val at the beach but haven't felt totally comfortable in our current work space. This will be a big job. Another item on the barn to-do list was creating more shade and weather protection for the run in shelter. My extra tough tarp arrived yesterday and after a trip to the hardware store I was ready to tackle the project.

Val started off being very curious... and then helpful.
He removed the plastic bag of screws from my pocket (Could there be snacks in that bag?) and inspected each of the tools. Satisfied - he ambled off for his midday nap.

First I installed a gutter across the front of the barn. This was surprisingly easy.

Setting up the tarp took the rest of the afternoon. I earned my phd today... (post hole digger) :)

I'm expecting to be quite sore tomorrow but both Val and I are satisfied with the results. Now he will have a dark, cool space to hang out in the heat as well as protection from mosquitos and southerly summer rains which will be here before we know it.

Next we'll tackle expanding the ring...

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