Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In the Arena #8 - Putting it all together

I rode my sparkling clean horse on Sunday morning. We had a very productive session. My seat (hips) felt much better after the adjustments of last week... a little easier to keep them even and loose.

During this ride I focused on my leg contact. What a difference it made in turning to keep my legs on! Often it seems I am letting one aide speak too loudly, (or one side of an aide) while another is nearly silent. It's a matter of balance. The lesson would be that I really have to have all of my aides coordinated... conducting a symphony rather than improvisational jazz lol.

Monday brought a visit from Will, our farrier. Val has gotten more relaxed each time Will does his feet. I had noticed some apprehension / discomfort when his left hind was done last time, (old injury) so we started with that hoof. Good strategy I think. Eventually he was stretching his neck way down and forward, and then practically falling asleep.

On Saturday we've got a date with Honey Bee to ride on the beach. Can't wait!

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