Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Sunday, April 3, 2011

In the Arena #67 - I'll be your mirror...

I'm really appreciating these longer evenings. More time for chores and riding. Second to riding, I loves me a freshly dragged arena!

I repeated the ujjayi breathing warm-up from the other day. And again, our ride was positively impacted. This exercise is a keeper. The only drawback - I haven't exactly figured out how to incorporate "good boys" into the breathing exercise.

We did lots of trot work. Our transitions were prompt and crisp. Val reached, and started to pick his back up... we even produced some sittable trot. There were still a few sticky left turns. After looking at the photos my boarder took for me, I wasn't surprised. I was sitting way, way off to the left. I don't seem to catch myself in this position issue until it shows up in Val's movement, or lack thereof. I hope I can overcome my hip situation.

Overall - a wonderful ride. We are progressing. It would probably, definitely help to get a lesson more often than every six months. Eyes on the ground and all...

This uncertain economy, especially fuel prices, has forced me to reassess a number of my goals / priorities this winter. I've had only one lesson since December... there is no new arena (yet)... and I've had to give up my spot in the spring Herbermann clinic. Hopefully things will start looking up soon. We're heading up to my trainer's farm weekend after next, I've set aside the funds for about half the sand needed for the arena, and have made arrangements for another clinic spot in late October. Meanwhile, we'll just continue moving forward, slowly, but surely.


  1. My god, I love those sexy black legs of his! You guys are such a team. No matter what you pace, you'll get where you want to be with him, for sure.

  2. Great picture. He's so gorgeous and the two of you look great together. Re the economy - it sucks doesn't it? On the brighter side of it, there's more time to ride and play with horses when there's less work :)
    I think you're making very good progress with what you're doing.

  3. It's too bad you had to give up your spot in the clinic. But on the good side you'll be going in the fall after you and Val have worked together more. I think you might be too critical of yourself(aren't we all)you and Val do some very nice work together.

    With the ever rising costs of gas, pulling a trailer is getting more and more expensive. I wonder if your trainer would be able to come down to you once in a while. That would be a big help. Maybe if you paid for her gas it would still be cheaper than dragging a trailer behind you.

  4. Thank you for bringing up breathing. I've been known to hold my breath on more than one occasion.

    Bummer about the clinic, I bet something good will come up to take its place.

  5. Hang in there. My feeling is that the work you're doing now, on your own, has its own value and in the bigger picture is probably exactly what you and Val need.

    Have you and Val had chiro checks? With the sitting to one side it makes me wonder if one or both pelvic joints might be rotated a bit.

  6. I think the progress your making is the most important there is, building your relationship. Learning all about each other and trusting each other. I think it is great! I am glad you shared about struggling to finacially keep up the way you would like. It really helps me keep into perspective that I am not the only one in that boat. Also that it is not why I have my horse in the first place. It can be such a struggle sometimes and really it is all self inflicted pressure for me.

  7. Pictures are so revealing, aren't they? You two are super adorable in this one, though:)

  8. I love that picture of you and Val. You both look so relaxed and "calm." Breathing exercises really are amazing. What a difference it makes in my ability to just ride.

    I never realized Val had those adorable black stems! Love it.

  9. I 'm with Muddy K! those black legs are to die for!!!!
    Things will look up for sure! it is April and May and these are months of great promise. it is easy to get down in March, it;s such a terrible month. And the first few weeks of April don't really count either. Hang in there, you will emerge better than ever!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The economy is slowing lots of folks down. I know it affects my riding and it sucks but I'm glad I get to ride at all. Trying to focus on the positives helps get me through.

  11. Keep on riding Val and loving him up and smiling and suddenly the arena sand will appear and the lessons will start again. At least that works for me - whenever I am at a loss, I go to them and groom or ride and magically it all goes right. I don't know how, but it works!

  12. Oh that Val and you...handsome couple forsure!
    I too LOVE his black , over the knee stockings. Wa mare has those elegant..or in his case, regal!

    With Loss of some goals, I sometimes find it amazing that less can be so MUCH MORE with our surely does allow you to develope and appreciate.
    Shame though...the EH clinic..ooou, I may cry a little with you on that one.But, will LOOK for the other good results too~


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