Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In the Arena #129 - Questions answered...

Results tomorrow. Odds are good excellent almost a sure thing that you'll win (if you entered).
Edited to add - Computer got tied up processing new software yesterday - this evening for real.
I'm sure the anticipation is killing you... ;D

Loved them to bits. The world really needs unbridled joy these days. Thank you London!!!
Feeling decidedly re-inspired in the goal accomplishing department.

Cutest horse ever?
Playcation over. A week of rain has restored firmness to our arena footing. Happy bareback ride yesterday. Pony still loves his new bit. Very spitty when we were done.

Started trying to improve my biomechanics. Worked on stacking my seatbones over Val's longissimus dorsi muscles and keeping them there. This automatically engages my core and my own long back muscles. Had several square halts using my seat only and a happy horse. (I've been practicing this on my tractor over our summer break)

Thank you Mary Wanless. I will be writing more about her book Ride With Your Mind...


  1. I try to work on sitting correctly when I am driving or at work to engage my core muscles. ha!

  2. Val is awfully cute, love the picture of you two. Sounds like it's back to work now that playcation is over. Also sounds like a nice ride on Val. And your tractor too? :)

  3. I just peeked in one of Mary Wanless's books on Amazon. I read a segment about stirrup length and I totally agree with her. I think that many dressage riders have too long a stirrup, which makes the thigh too vertical and loses the security of the knee being in front of the hips. I have short legs, but I still "sacrifice" some length to my legs by keeping my stirrups short enough. There is just no excuse for long-legged riders who have miles of calf to spare. Shorten those stirrups and it is amazing how much more stable the rising trot becomes. Amazing!

  4. I'm also a Mary Wanless fan, a lot of what she says just makes sense.

    Isn't it funny how things completely unrelated to riding help your riding ;)

  5. I agree, the Olympics really REALLY motivated me and was so inspiring. I cried many tears of joy-literally! :) LOVE the Olympics. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE

  6. Fun stuff!!
    So glad you are enjoying the MW mentoring. I started it last year, then, stopped reading...need to get in learning mode again.

    I so enjoyed the O games in London too. Though I didnt get to see horse stuff, the athletes were tremendous !! Made me happy every late night!!

    I adore you too C! Please come out West young woman!!!

  7. I only got to watch about 5 minutes of the olympics, sadface. But what I did see made me super happy! When I was a kid growing up in Canada you could often find show jumping on TV. I WISH they had it on tv more down here!

  8. I do the same thing on my tractor! Especially when I'm "riding" the bumps in the pasture. I actually think it's really fun! Maybe there's something wrong with me....


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