Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Thursday, December 20, 2012

In the Arena #135 - Worth a thousand words...

I was lucky enough to have a friend with camera skills stop by for our last schooling session. She took numerous pictures quickly enough to give me an approximation of video as far as assessing my position and the effectiveness of my aids.

Overall, I need to be (more) consistent with my position, shorten my (curse word starting with f) reins, and as always - make sure at the start of the ride that I can use the lightest aids possible. This post should really be titled s-s-d-d...

Jane Savoie detailed a method of evaluating your aids and position during warmup in a recent online symposium which I will post about after the holiday rush is over - promise!

Ready to work

Photographer magnet at work here... 
opening inside rein but refraining from steering with it

The end of a turn on the forehand...
(more like turn on the piano hands)

Decent walking, but not engaged yet -
not enough energy

Don't forget the praise! 
(wake up Val)

Looking better, but I really need to shorten my reins,
and maybe stop posting off the balls of my feet


What a goooood boy!


  1. Pictures are a great way to assess what's actually going on when we ride.Regardless of what you see in these pictures for training purposes, it's always nice to have pictures of you and Val riding together.

  2. Very nice!
    For some reason, I didn't realize what a big guy Val is until I saw these pics.

  3. You guys look great - especially the group of three entitled Yessss.

  4. I LOVE photos. Well, really I HATE photos, but they sure do tell us a lot. Lucky YOU to have a photographer. :0)

  5. Turn on the piano hands - love it! :)Although probably not true, it's a great play on words.
    You're very good at self assessment and looking better all the time. I too struggle to keep my reins short enough. It's a constant refrain in my lessons.
    Keep up the good work! Great pictures of you and the handsome Val.

  6. Gosh!! I resemble those remarks!!
    Fantastic photo essay in position for you, truly. Loved it C! The photo with the loose walk towards us ( color bite cone Lft) FANTASTIC!

    Not able to ride mine at all these past 10 weeks, I've had a nice surprise from my sissy going on. She has adopted an unadoptable horse. She's either 12 or 20...vets are stumped. Sees bee neglected, abused and is the most adorable thing. We call her "D' apple".

    Knowing nothing of her origins in breeding or training....we've stated her together....
    It's all body language only as she recent had would teeth taken out! Something done responsibly at 2! So hands have to be quiet, quiet, still. I act like I've got hand cuffs on my wrists...and my fingers attached to" D'aps" lips. She goes looking for connection, my arms get longer and elastic like. She's been teaching me about my leg/seat/breath/ connection. If I'm static...she stops. When I'm walking / trotting with her, she not only tracks up but over!
    It's been nice to ride some and learn light aides of intension all over.
    I'm hoping to post on her soon.

    You and yours have a joyous Christmas! Glad to know ya my dear!!

  7. That was a lovely ride! Well done!


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