Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Thursday, December 16, 2010

At the barn #27 - Common sense and horse sense

100th post! 

We've survived our first deep freeze of the season. My winterizing efforts worked, so we had a functioning well point and therefore running water at the barn. I had to resort to supplemental heat at home though, as no amount of winterizing overcomes the total lack of insulation in the cute little antique house I rent. And apparently the snap is over because the temperature rose thirty degrees over the course of today, so no need for a fire tonight :)

Thankfully my boarder Cowboy's people have purchased him a new waterproof sheet / light blanket. Unfortunately we've still got some work to do in the "your horse needs clean not partly frozen water, available at all times" department. At all times means even if you'll be late for work / school. Get up earlier.

I knew we were headed for problems. I had disconnected and drained my hose in anticipation of the freeze. I called the boarders and warned them about the water / hose situation. I even disconnected and drained their hose. I guess my warnings didn't sink in because the second morning Cowboy's water bucket was frozen, what little water was in it. I emptied it and refilled with warmer well water. This happened two days in row. So I cut a piece of hose just long enough to reach Cowboy's bucket that would drain on it's own.

That evening we were at the barn at the same time. I gave them the hose section and mentioned the water situation. They told me "their hose was BROKEN" I suggested it was full of water and frozen. "No, it's BROKEN. It needs a new gasket. Water keeps shooting out the top." Now that it's sixty degrees out, guess what - the hose is not broken any longer. MA-GIC!!


I think my horse has special senses in his feet. Val has always been a digger. Typically at first he will be reluctant to work in a particular area, and want to avoid it. Then he will begin digging it up, sometimes making quite a trench in the process. Soon after I will discover some debris he has uncovered. Lots of concrete chunks, and the occasional large tree branches, which he often tries to pull out with his teeth if he can't dig them out. There was a lot of dumping on the property before I got it.

Right now he's working on a new spot - his biggest excavation yet. I can't wait to see what he unearths...

taking the scan

hoof x-ray results


  1. I love your sweet new header!

    Oh deserve the best in footing,and you know how to make it so too! Amazing you are!

  2. I am beginning to wonder if Cowboy's people are TRYING to annoy you...

  3. Great header! Cowboy's people sound like they are either lazy or have no common sense. They probably figure you'll do it anyway so why should they put themselves out.

    Like your drawings of Val's sensitive hooves. Maybe in a former life he was an archeologist and he's looking for valuable artifacts. What a funny horse.

  4. You are a brave soul to take on boarders and teach them what they need to know about appropriate horse care! I would be crazy by now!

    LOL - Val's magical hooves! That is hilarious and I will not be surprised if he ends up finding some lost treasure chest of Spanish galleons. Hey, maybe he was a pirate in a former life! :)

  5. I wonder how a hose can break??? Cowboy needs better owners. Maybe nest time you should tell them that HORSES HAVE FEELING TOO!!!!!!

  6. Kacy-

    It seems like our horses tell us their concerns the best way they can - so clever sometimes :) Loved your video today!!

  7. Rachel-

    I believe Cowboy's people are just very inexperienced and have little in the way of common sense. I complain on the blog so I can greet them with a smile and be patient :)

  8. GHM-

    Right on both counts! I'm glad to have a place to vent about it.

    I wish I could catch Val in the act. One of the (arm sized) logs he uncovered had bite marks all over it where he tried to pull it out by mouth lol :)

  9. Billie-

    I wish Val's magic feet would find something valuable - that would help with our arena fund :)

  10. Loved the drawings and the picture! Val obviously needs a job at all times.

  11. Broken hoses! LOL Some people are just too closed minded to learn except the hard way. That's too bad for Cowboy.

    I wonder if Val knows there's stuff under there, or he's just hoping there's something there. LOL Funny horse

  12. I remember all the winters we spent pulling jugs of water to the barn on a sled. Our water at the barn was put in the year our OTTB came (2007). The novelty is still with us! :-) BTW my computer is next to an outside wall, I don't think it's well insulated, if at all. It's usually at the low 50's at my computer in winter. lol


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