Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mary Lou Whitney - Amen sister!!

The Eclipse Awards took place this past Monday night. Several extraordinary things happened. Two females, one human, one equine, were given the highest honor, respect and accolades that they richly deserve, by the horse racing industry.

The equine award winner, Horse of the Year Zenyatta, has been profiled on this blog before. I just wish that all thoroughbreds, racing or not, could have the exemplary life, the loving care, that she has had. Her connections are a shining example to the rest of the horse racing world.

Here is a little background on Mrs. Whitney, winner of the Eclipse Award of Merit: She was one of the founding members of the The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. She has been a major contributor to the Secretariat Center at the Kentucky Horse Park, where the Marylou Whitney Barn is located. She is an active proponent of finding retired racehorses new careers and loving homes once their racing careers have ended. Attached to each Jockey Club registration paper of every horse she breeds is a message indicating how to contact her if one of her horses needs a home.

Mrs. Whitney had the courage and class to stand up before her peers, and make this statement during her acceptance of her award:

"Being part of this horse racing family is a pleasure and a privilege…but it also requires responsibility.

Many first-time owners get frustrated if they do not achieve instant success.  However, over the years, we have all learned success—as an owner—means our horses have finished a race unhurt. All owners need to be accountable for their horses--from the beginning of their lives to the end!  We are their advocates. Together, we must fight to ensure there will never be another horse slaughtered in America!"

Congratulations Mrs. Whitney - I wish there were more like you!

Photo: Anne M. Eberhardt


  1. Congratulations Mrs. Whitney, I wish there were more like you too. Her speech was right on. We are our horses advocates and are responsible for them...forever.

  2. I definitely think owners and breeders need to be advocates for their horses. Good for Mrs Whitney talking openly on the subject. Hopefully that will put some pressure on those who don't do right by the horse to mend their ways.

  3. What an amazingly great idea and example to attach her contact info to the registration in case her horses ever need a home. Thanks for posting this.
    SO many of the blogs I follow are off the track thoroughbreds and they obviously have so much to offer beyond racing. Its a new world to me and a fascinating one. Of course your Val is especially beautiful!

  4. Oh how I love and admire her! And Zenyatta too!


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