Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Monday, February 7, 2011

At the barn #35 - File under "Why you should always keep your camera in your pocket"

What started off as a run-of-the-mill buck 'n' fart fest up and down the fence line with neighbor Cowboy, suddenly blossomed into this: (sans rider of course)

Yep. A full blown capriole. Kicking out the hind legs and all. I kid you not. I experienced simultaneous elation - as I had no idea Val could do something this athletic - and deep depression that I wasn't documenting. I take fifty pictures of Val eating hay out of a manure filled wheelbarrow, but when he pulls off some jaw dropping airs above the ground all I can do is watch.

I guess I should just be happy I was there to see it. One tempis across the diagonal (my ultimate dressage goal) may not be out of reach someday... who knew?!  :)


  1. I get so mad when I miss those moments on camera!

  2. haha i cant count the number of times ive ran for the camera only to come back to the paddock to find that play time is over and the horses are just back to plain old grazing....

    Dont give up on the one tempi's you'l get ther!! they guy i used to work for always said the two tempi's are actually the hardest to get!

  3. I know what you mean, I never have the camera when they're doing something special. Go Val, what a superstar!

  4. Isn't that always the way re no camera? I'm not surprised that Val can do this - he has such a great look, why not the talent to go with it?
    My teacher Joan had a thoroughbred that we used to ride as teenagers who would do caprioles - when and where he wanted, not from an aid, and many of us ended up on the ground :)

  5. Wow! That is one of those moves that either they can do or they can't. I read once that the talent is identified in the pasture, at play. Just like you described. Good thing he's a TB or the Spanish Riding School would try to steal him from you. :)

  6. That is HE-larious! Especially since I have much experience with the "buck and fart" sessions BUT if I was watching AND it was my horse, I would be thanking sweet Jesus that I wasn't sitting on him during that! :D

  7. That's great - we often get Spanish Riding School displays when we put the three horse geldings into the arena. It's amazing how often they incorporate what we think of as the "airs above the ground" into their play - and then I remember - that's where the airs CAME from.

    Every now and then I will stand and do a sort of dressage show announcer monologue as they go at it. Sometimes it does feel like they are trying to top one another and also to get all the "moves" in. :)

  8. I saw my mare doing one tempis across the arena one day and just like you I didn't have my video camera on me. But what can be done without a rider can eventually be achieved with one, right?

    Though I have no idea if you want to ride a capriole...

  9. Carol and Rachel-

    I have asked Val numerous times not to perform any above ground movements under saddle ;)


    Val has been on his own since I've had him, with neighbors but no pasture mates. I bet I'd see more of these fancy moves if he had company :)


    Did you check out that photo closely? There are no irons or leathers, and air between the riders behind and the "saddle". Superlative riding :)

  10. Wow, that must have been a site! I am always missing moments as well, but most of the time it's due to my camera malfunctioning, which is also infuriating LOL. It's good news to hear that you're closer to your goals, though!! :)

  11. I Love what Billie said she does, when she see the horses doing the Airs...
    " And for this installment of the incredible Val disply, he will preform -Ah-Look- at the Hieght! The Airs above the ground in a perfect Capriole! Val, what a spectacular disply for us today!"


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