Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In the Arena #49 - chase one's tail - To run in circles, to chase one's own shadow

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This morning started off cold and cloudy, but by the time I finished up at work, there was bright sunshine, the wind had fallen out to nothing and temps were on the rise. Hope that doesn't seem like bragging - I know that many of my blogging friends are in the midst of or getting ready for some epic winter weather. Please stay safe!

I headed up to the barn, feeling not a little bit conflicted about the decision. Basically, there is a ton of work I really need to be doing... my bedroom is halfway rearranged (as in can't use the bed until arrangement is finished), my studio is an absolute explosion of paperwork, taxes are on the horizon (see explosion of paperwork in studio)... don't even mention moving the manure pile at the farmette, which has been on my list of to do's for months. So - I went riding instead. ;)

Val was out cold in a sunny spot when I arrived, bottom lip dangling down in the dirt. (so darn cute!) I did a few chores while he took his time waking up, mostly because I was thinking about a recent post from Billie at camera obscura - "wise words for living and working with horses". She discussed how (patiently) engaging with your horse is more respectful, kinder, and will help to develop the trusting relationship we all want with our horses. She really made me think about all the times I've come to the barn preoccupied, in a bit of a hurry, probably rushing Val around so I could keep up with my schedule. Pretty rude when you think about it. After a lingering grooming in the warm sunshine, we tacked up and were off.

Today's ride was well worth putting off obligations for! While we definitely need work in the creating energy (at the walk) department - everything else was super. Zero steering issues, no scary spots in the arena, had some decent re-balancing half halts and Val was reaching into the contact. Trot work was the best yet. I barely used my dressage whip. My posture felt relaxed and natural. Our extensive bareback work has really helped my seat and leg, so I think I'm aiding more effectively. My trainer often reminds me that when I get it right, so will my horse. :)

Our progress lately has left me with the feeling that I'm going to wake up soon and realize I was just dreaming... I know intellectually that we're moving forward because we're working hard and focusing, but I guess the improvement in my confidence is hard for me to process. It feels so good. My trainer also often reminds me that riding isn't that hard - once you get the basics down, everything else is pretty easy... that my struggles have been of my own making... that I need to stay out of my own way. I believe this is finally starting to happen - I'm psyched.

And I absolutely cannot wait until my "real" arena with good footing and much more room is ready, because we're going to take off when we have the proper space that will allow us to do some sustained trot work and get fit. (Which means I really do need to attend to my to do list. Once my studio is ready I can get to my jewelry work which will help me pay for the new arena...)

Enter the sanctuary of the horse ever with honor and respect. Erik Herbermann


  1. Sounds like an amazing ride. You guys are really making progress. How nice that Val was out sleeping in the sun, and that you gave him the time to wake up slowly. I'm guilty of rushing far too often, but I've tried to be more aware for awhile. I honestly sense they appreciate it when we take time to groom slowly and tack up without rushing them.

  2. Very good stuff! Just slowing down and taking a deep breath can make all the difference in the world.

  3. Every new post I read just says "success". You and Val are really working together. He sounds cute snoozing in the sun. I think it's a good to let him wake on his own before grooming and riding, he was probably having a dream of a pin-up girl like Zenyatta.

  4. Carol-

    Thanks :) We haven't advanced to more difficult movements or exercises (yet), but I'm confident we're doing some correct work :)


    I didn't comment today on your blog, but I'm so glad to hear that Pie seems to be okay. Very scary incident!


    Lol!! Knowing Val as I do... Zenyatta would be that gal for him. He does have really good taste ;)

  5. Thanks for the link!

    Case in point: today when I went out and worked on Cody's hoof I allowed my need to "fix things" get me into a place of worry and fretfulness. I wasn't disrespectful to Cody but I was allowing my "oh my god I can't deal with anything serious/weird/etc." mode to take me over, and I feel sure Cody felt that.

    When I went back out again, I tried to focus on the progress - he had stopped the oddness and was eating hay, and he seemed to want to be with me. So I just stood there and sighed deeply and thought to myself that whatever happens, we'll deal with it.

    This was when he asked to go join the herd, and instead of thinking "no! you need to stay in and stay safe!" I listened to him and wheeled the muck barrow slowly so he could keep up with me on our way to the back.

    It's no surprise to me that the abscess blew after the second scenario and not the first one.

    I really think we impact things with our energy, far more than we realize.

    Sounds like you are impacting things in a very positive way indeed! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  6. Here's to many more rides like this :)

  7. Great ride. Thank you for the reminder about not rushing my horse, even at the beginning of our session. I too sometimes get distracted and rush the boys into our lesson for the day. I am going to be mindul in my initial interaction today. Thanks!

  8. I love hearing about such a fulfilling ride! I feel much the same about me--if I can get my riding together, then I know we will be set. I definitely need to do some bareback exercises myself! :)

  9. Hello, I also award you the Stylish Blogger Award. :)

  10. Can't wait to see how your new arena turns out.(:


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