Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In the Arena #52 - Two firsts + needs improvement

A reprieve on the foul weather until this evening. We got a sunny but very chilly bareback ride in. I arrived at the barn to a sleeping horse, then experimented a bit with shooting video. I repeat experimented. This is my first try. One way you can tell, is by the part where I turn the camera sideways to get a nice closeup of Val's droopy lip... didn't know it's better to keep the camera oriented horizontally. And (who knew) time to update my software - I don't have the capability of rotating the screen. I actually need to update my whole computer. It's nine years old - gotta love a mac - nine years and (knock wood) never had one moments trouble. Except now, when my software is antiquated :)

Despite it being windy and brisk, we had a super calm and fun ride. I captured a couple of minutes of our ride on video as well, but since it's all shot in the vertical mode, I won't tempt you all to get big cricks in your necks. Plus it might take five years to upload.

So.... we finally trotted bareback! (Val might question the use of an exclamation point) Several passes of the long side of the arena. I figured that was enough for him. I felt very stable, so I wasn't even nervous, but not nearly quiet enough in my seat. Hopefully that will come with practice. Love, love, love bareback. Yay!


  1. Bareback is the best - particularly in the very cold. For me the biggest challenge is getting on!

  2. Ooh Kate - I actually got on in a semi graceful, cowboy-ish way today. Trivial but it made me happy :)

  3. I blame sharks fin withers on TBs as my reason for not riding bareback, the real reason is I can't get on.

  4. I admire your bareback fortitude. I am terminally short, and make up for it by riding very tall horses. Trying to get on without a stirrup or leg up is darn near impossible for me. In my youth I could easily vault on from the ground. In my youth I rode Quarter Horses.

    In reference to your comment on my blog, your hip pain does sound like sciatica. If I'm too sedentary (like having to be in the car too long or sitting around the house becuse it's cold) it bothers me. I'll write up the asanas I do daily for my back, I just have to remember what all the names for the poses are!

  5. Val is sooo cute with his sleepy face! I just think he is the cutest horse. Great work re the bareback riding. It's especially fun when it's cold and you have a built in seat warmer.

  6. As the owner of a bumpy standardbred, I appreciate the awesomeness of finally trotting bareback!

  7. Good for you trotting bareback! That is an accomplishment. I am with Kate, I have problems getting on. I can trot on Pie, but that is out of the question with Sovey - ouch. As brothers, I think Foggy is going to be an ouch too! Darn it. Waterbed Pie is the only one for trotting.

    Val is sooooo cute and sleepy!

  8. "What do ya think about riding"? Looks like Val gave you the same answer I usually get.

    The bareback ride sounds good. Trotting! Yay! Good for you I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with this new addition to your repertoire.

  9. You bareback people are so brave!

    If you get a new Macbook, you will be so delighted. iMovie is really easy, and you can get your videos rotated around properly. :)

  10. Barbara-

    Val is blessed with a nice shape for riding without a saddle, not a sofa but comfortable :)


    I am 5'3" and Val is 16.2 - it's challenging. I had been heaving myself up on my belly, remininscent of nature shows featuring seals and walruses. I'm just starting to be able to swing a leg over - using a mounting block of course :)

    Thanks for checking into the yoga for sciatica. I researched a bit myself, and think that my recent penchant for falling asleep on the too soft sofa may be the problem.


    For the record, I let Val decide when to get up, which he did after he thought he heard the treat caddy open up ;)


    I'm looking hard at the budget re a new computer! Love my mac :)

  11. I actually really like the way you turned the camera sideways--you did it so smoothly that I would have thought that was on purpose :)

    I NEED to ride bareback so badly. I need to also ride consistently. I NEED to get my seat back so poor Paula doesn't have to work so hard. Hopefully....soon!

  12. At least you guys didn't get MORE snow!!!

  13. Val is so sweet and sleepy :)
    Bareback riding is fun but also can be 0 forgiveness. I'm hoping this winter of bareback riding/trotting will help me when back in the saddle. I love being able to give leg cues so easily, don't you?!

  14. Jessie-

    It was on purpose - I just didn't think about what would happen when someone watched lol!


    Yes - it makes the case for minimal saddles, mono flap, not super cushiony and no fat knee roll. My in saddle riding has improved since the bareback practice for sure!!

  15. I find that trotting bareback really improves my seat for sitting trot. I love the way I can feel every step too. So cool! At first, I got bounced around a bit with the movement so I'm impressed that you were comfortable and confident right away!

  16. Oh bareback! Unless I do walk, sitting trot, or canter I am a sad girl in the fork at bareback! I'm going to a pad without stirrups. I just can't handle my AngloArabs bony withers at the post. Or I just suck... VERY bony... sigh. BUT I grew up riding bareback as a child since my parents could not afford a saddle, (or so they said) but I think it has definitely made me a better rider. I rode bareback without reins the other day, we did great, but it needs a bit (ok, a lot) of work. Just sat a trot the entire time, it was all my ahem, fork could endure at that point! :) Good deal on you working that balance!!!!

  17. And MONOFLAPS RULE Anette, I can't wait to sell my Bates and get one!!! WOOHOO!

  18. I used to ride bareback a lot. That said I haven't been on a horse bareback in about 5 years now and I don't know that I have the desire either!

  19. Hi You!
    Thanks for always lending me a boost of moral and encouragment through your positive comments! I struggle, and having people on your side when you are doing your best helps. I so appreciate your honesty and support. really.

    Loved the sleepy/droopy lipped boy there...tehehe! Yea, videos and zooming in and out can be noisey, I found..commenting on them sometimes too. Though yours was so cute and you framed his face, so well, though sideways!Your accent is so cute!
    Good on you for the trotting bareback.
    I got my best ever trot on my Thinline pad the other day..will have to post on was heaven!It was with my new "Pelvis push"...have your book yet??!!


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