Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

At the Barn #50 - A few of my favorite things

Whoa - long time no post. It's been a whirlwind around here.

A synopsis:

❖ Just as the heat wave broke, Val's rh swelled up and got hot again. More icing, wrapping and buteing. He's a really good patient and I am getting the hang of wrapping his legs. It's all in the wrist ;) In the meantime we've done a ton of groundwork which has been really good for us. I can see the results, but I can't wait to get back to a regular riding schedule. Val thinks he's joined the AARE...

❖ The farrier can't make it until next week (over seven weeks) + it's been super hot and dry +  the flies have been ferocious, so Val's feet are horrible - chipping and cracking. I had to get the rasp out myself. Now sporting several new band-aids :)

❖ Dad and I installed the connection from the trailer to the septic tank. We did a very professional job if I do say so myself. Heck - we showed up. That's better than most contractors around here. We're thinking of a sideline business - B&C's Fake-ass Plumbing - "You need to poo, we know what to do!"

❖ My left hand is enormously swollen from a white-faced hornet sting x 3 in the barn Sunday morning. I had been maintaining a live and let live attitude about these guys. Frankly, I didn't even realize they were hornets til that little bugger attacked me, but let's just say he met his maker at the end of my broom last night. Extremely painful. I'm wondering if Val's mysterious swellings were from hornet stings?

❖ Earthquake. Too bizarre...

❖ Impending hurricane. I spent the day doing preparations, with more of the same on tap for tomorrow. The farmette is in pretty much the best location on the island as far as wind and tide go, so Val should be fine. There will likely be major sound-side flooding around my house. Bye bye garden. Bye bye flower beds. Bye bye nice lawn.  Living in the path of periodically destructive storms does help learn the "don't get too attached to stuff" lesson.

To end on a happy note:

Meet the newest addition to our household. I found him last Friday night, stunned on the edge of the road. I believe he was hit by a car as he had a wound on the top of his head like he had skidded on it. And he acted like he had a concussion. He perked up the next day, and has figured out grown up cat food, litter boxes and friendly humans. Oh, and upon closer inspection, several extra toes on each paw were discovered. We shall call him Seven :)


  1. You are the first to mention the earthquake. I was outside so it came and went and I had no idea. The horses did not respond at all. My husband felt it at work and his building was temporarily evacuated.

    We are also getting ready for Irene, although we are not on an island. Yikes.

    The new addition is adorable. Love the name. I hope Val is on the mend.

  2. Your poor hand! Hornets are even worse than wasps. And you rasped your fingers, too. :( Wear gloves! Those latex-dipped gardening gloves will save you a lot of blood.

    I love Seven already. I've always wanted a poly kitty. Hope Val is unfazed by the storm!

  3. HOLY hand! yikes! I HATE hornets! they like to live in my trailer, so all summer you will see me out in long sleeves, running to the trailer, spraying a can of hornet killer as viciously as possible, then running away like a madman. rinse, repeat.

    and the kitty! you are a kind soul to take him in- I love that your pups are so sweet too. a very happy note to end on!

    p.s. good luck with all the natural disasters over yonder!

  4. That's a great jingle you have for your "new septic business" that's funny. Glad you got it handled though. I can't beleive how big your hand got, I'd be mad too! I keep forgetting where you are, now I'm a bit worried about you, you seem calm though. You must post after the storm passes as soon as you can. (please)
    I had a cat with extra toes and he was really a neat cat, very unique, almost dog like in a way. He was tons of fun. He has found a wonderful home! That last photo is priceless! I am glad he has your dogs to look after him. :-)

  5. A wasp did the EXACT same thing to my right hand last Thursday. Three stings on the first knuckle. It was swollen until Sunday.

  6. Have been thinking about you and the hurricane - hunker down and stay safe!!

    What a cute mitten kitten!! Our polydactyl cat is big and black and has a white moon on his belly - Apollo Moon - aka Moomintroll.

    Hope your hand and Val's leg both get back to normal soon.

    Stay in touch over the weekend so we all know you're okay!

  7. good grief! It's like the walking wounded at your house. Hopefully everyone heals up quickly.
    I am pretty layed back when it comes to bugs and other assorted critters, but not those hornets. Aggressive little b-----ds. I try to be more aggressive than they are - as long as I have the long distance can of killer. I hope the storm gives your garden a pass.

  8. I so admire you! Doing what needs to be done and not crabbing about it. Stay safe and hope everyone recovers from their various stuff. Kitten looks very happy already!

  9. Seven is adorable, and he looks like he's fitting right in!

    Sorry to hear about your hand. I too used to have a 'live and let live' policy with stinging insects, but after several encounters am rather less Zen about it. In other words, I keep a can of wasp spray handy.

    Fingers crossed on the hurricane. Batten down as best you can but PLEASE don't put yourself at risk if it looks like evacuating is the best option. My parents went through Katrina with 4.5 feet of water in their house - not an experience anyone should have.

  10. Just looking at the picture of your hand makes me hurt. How did you type? I would also wonder if they were related to Val's mystery swelling.
    What a sweet little kitten and how lucky for him that you found him. I had a cat with multiple 'toes' (he died of cancer at 17) and he was the smartest cat - he'd pee in the toilet and I never needed litter!
    You do a great job of wrapping. I can't do it at all, despite being shown :)
    We're on the hurricane track too and keeping a close watch. Today will be spent putting away anything that can blow. Good luck. I hope it isn't too bad and that you weather it well. I'll be watching for updates.

  11. A Hemingway cat! How cool! It feels like End Times here in Philly too! I work on the top of a 19 floor old art deco building and it shook like crazy during the earthquake. I bolted out of the building!

  12. Oh the precious little kitteh! Bless you for saving him (or her?). And seeing your hand reminded me of when I got stung by a nasty wasp several years ago and my entire arm swelled up like that. I actually went to the ER because I thought I was having an allergic reaction. And it HURT ... then it ITCHED .... ugh. No fun.

  13. Seven makes an adorable addition to your menagerie. Love the name for the new septic business. I once saw a septic truck and painted on the side was "stool bus" with a bunch of little brown guys looking out the windows, had me in hysterics.

    Hope Val heals quickly and you get some ride time. That hand is very painful looking. Over the weekend my 2 yr. old granddaughter got stung 6 times by white faced hornets. Her dad torched the little bas****d's.

    I'm sure you've got everything secured as much as possible but if you still have internet let us know how you're doing. We're supposed to have the pleasure of the hurricane on Sunday. Fingers crossed it blows out to sea. Stay safe.

  14. I noticed today that the hurricane was heading right your way and they're talking about evacuations in Buxton. Stay safe!!! I have always wondered what they horsey people do in situations like that. Hopefully it will die down and not be as large as predicted.

    Ouchie on the hornet sting. How in the world can you type? ;)

  15. So glad you posted as have read about the 'cane and have wondered how you've been doing.

    My oldest son swells like that in reaction to wasp stings, and he lost several days of work this summer because he couldn't use his right hand. This is the time of year in the NW that I long for Colorado--the central Wash. desert wasps are aggressive and very territorial in the fall. I can't believe you were able to get much done with a "balloon hand" like you were sporting there.

    You'd better keep us all posted so we don't worry about you. I hope this storm means the end to the suffocating heat and a pleasant winter of riding for both of you! (And adorable kitteh photos, by the way...Seven is one lucky guy.)

  16. Aww, what a cute kitty! Polydactyl cats are good luck, I'm hoping that little kitty brings you lots of luck with Irene!

    Be sure to mark the horses somehow, in case they get loose, so they can be identified. I'm going to braid dog tags into my horses' tails and write my phone number on their bodies with weatherproof livestock paint.
    Good luck!

  17. Welcome Seven! That's one lucky kitty right there.

    I've got my fingers crossed for you about the hurricane coming. Hopefully it'll just be some wind and wet without much damage.

  18. Hi, all - I just had a phone call from Calm, Forward, Straight and the handsome Val - they came through Irene and are both fine - exhausted and without power, cell phone, computer, etc. - but they have hay, feed, food, and shelter. She will post again as soon as she can.

    Send good thoughts and spread the word! I know I have been checking here many times a day hoping for an update!

  19. Sooooo glad to learn you are both ok!!!

  20. Thank you for the update. That is good news. I was worried about you guys.

  21. Billi - thanks for letting us know. Scarey times.

  22. I am so glad to hear that CFS and Val are OK! I have been thinking of them. Thanks so much, billie, for letting us know.

  23. Relief!!! Thank you, Billie for letting us know - very worried about her and Val and all her sweet pets - including the newbie Seven.

    Calm, Forward, Straight, good luck, still thinking good thoughts for speedy utilities and all the creature comforts!

  24. Was just checking in to see if you were ok - glad to see Billie's comment.

  25. Seven the polydactyl kitten had an eye infection that set in right when the hurricane arrived - CFS was able to use some antibiotics she had on hand (and superb math skills to get the correct dosage for a tiny kitten!) to take care of it. She said Seven is looking much better as a result of the treatment.

    Glad C's readers are seeing the comment - I posted on my blog too but knew folks would be looking HERE and updating in the comments was all I could do. Please feel free to spread the word. I know she has a lot of readers who want to know she's okay.

  26. So GREAT to know you and all yours are well C!!

    Seven is going to be a tough little cat..your dooger looks to Hhave adopted it.
    Hoping the power , water and heath of all is increasing day by day there!

  27. Oh no, no, what a wonderful kitten! I'm so thankful you found him and I look forward to watching him take over your home.


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