Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In the Arena # 84 - What we did on our summer vacation

From the farmette #5 - Bumper crop and + channeling Mr. Clean

It has been (almost) unbearably hot and humid for two straight weeks... so I thought I'd give you a taste of our day to day routine. (can't wait for a different routine) Note that it (almost) includes no riding. Oh and I'm posting this today - written yesterday - because it literally took all night to upload / download these measly videos.

Unfortunately we're expected temps to get back up into the 90's with 90% humidity again all week long. Working outdoors is kicking my butt at the moment. Boy do I love swimming pools + the ocean + showers + air conditioning...


Vacation is officially over. It rained enough to firm up the arena temporarily, and cooled off a bit as well, so tonight last night, we finally rode! A nice bareback ride before dinner. Thank goodness... the longer I go without riding the squirrelier I feel about our first ride back. Happily, it was all good. I did lots of stretches in the saddle, focusing on staying balanced and even. Front to back as in on all three points of my seat, and side to side as in no collapsing my left side / shortening my right leg. Our steering and turns on the forehand reflected the evenness. This seems so much easier to me when I'm riding bareback.

There appears to be a tropical storm on the horizon, which I (almost) welcome. An extended period of rain would resolve my arena footing issues for a while, as well as our drought. Fingers crossed for a near miss that drops three or so days of rain and no wind to speak of...


Pie in the Sky produce is coming along. I have managed to keep my basil producing by cutting it back six nodes down each time I harvest. Last week I picked a big ol' basket of peppers - which are selling very well at the market.

I also have started eating tomatoes - a nice assortment of heirlooms. ♡BLT's + tomato sandwiches ♡!! I'm not even too sad about the diminished crop caused by rampant blossom end rot. I'd just be having to can them in this miserable heat - how's that for making lemonade!


Trailer update:

A while back I got a request for "grody" pictures of the trailer pre-cleaning...

Stains + outright filth

Rodent + water damage

Yep - there were definitely rodents... lovely

 I have cleaned out all the crap belongings of the former owner. Vacuumed thoroughly and steam cleaned - carpet and upholstery - twice. Hooked up the water, which entailed a hide and seek for the water lines, which entailed tons of exploratory digging on the hottest day anyone here can remember.

Now that I have water, I can begin the scrubbing. I've preliminarily doused the bathroom with strong cleansers. This weeks agenda includes hooking up the septic lines, bleaching the water tanks and connecting hurricane straps. As I spend more time in the Shimmy Shack, I can see myself living there. I think it's going to be good :)


  1. Val's mane and neck are gorgeous.

    I love heirloom tomatoes. I used to work on a produce farm and eat tomato sandwiches on a regular basis. I also feel nostalgic looking at your pepper collection. Where do you sell them?

  2. You mentioned hurricane straps...I was going to ask you about the hurricane thing...what will you do if a big storm comes?

    Feel your pain about the heat and humidity--we've had a great summer here, so I can't complain, but I know what utter misery it can be to work in. Ugh is right.

    And re cleaning..I had to clean out a greasy trailer kitchen once myself, and I hit on powdered dishwasher detergent for the floor. Bleach works wonders on some things, but sometimes it doesn't do that great of a job on grease. Can't wait to see the "after" photos!

  3. Val -

    I sell wholesale to our tiny farmer's market where mine is practically the only (actually) local produce.

    Regarding the BLT's I mentioned - the B is fakin' bacon - Morningstar Farms brand is really good :)

  4. Fetlock -

    I stay on island for storms. If a cat 5 were coming I'd probably leave, but getting back here quickly if you evacuate isn't guaranteed. Plus the animals :)

    Luckily my property is some of the highest ground here and protected from the wind by lots of trees. It's a good place to be in bad weather.

  5. Couldn't watch the videos. For some reason they just said they were private. but I'm sure they're very nice.

    Glad you got a ride in. I commiserate with you about the heat and humidity. There's so much to be done around here but I can't motivate in this weather.

    Your produce looks delicious. I love tomato sandwiches and anything that goes on them. We're a big fan of fresh mozzarella and tomatoes with balsamic dressing. Yum!

    Your trailer looks like it's going to be a big job (probably an understatement) but you'll get it done. Once you have the cleaning finished it's all gravy to just have to decorate and set up shop. I don't envy you having the clean up in this weather though. Good luck.

  6. GHM -

    I think I fixed the videos - please let me know if you read this - thanks!

    Might have to have some tomatoes and fresh mozz tonight :)

  7. Take care working in the heat! Can't wait to see the finished trailer photos!

  8. I loved the videos, I'm glad you took the time to upload them, I know its a pain. Val looked pretty hot. Good luck with the cleaning, it's gonna be great when it's done!

  9. I'm glad it's cooled down a bit for you. Last weekend was almost unbearable! I managed to get heat stress on Sunday and slept through most of the time we had company.

  10. We've been really hot too. Love the produce vibrant. Good vids too.

  11. Hope you got the rain you wanted and needed! I think of you everytime I am hot and it is too humid. I think to myself to stop complaining - Pennsylvania MUST be cooler than NC!

    The Shimmy Shack sounds like it is coming along nicely!

    Oh, that Val - what a cutie in the videos.

  12. That Val is one handsome guy. Loved the videos - so nice to get to know him (and you!) better. Your produce looks delish!!!!

  13. Wow, your produce does look delicious! I wish my thumb was as green as yours. I feel your pain on the heat. It was 107 degrees here today---about 114 with the heat index. You pretty much melt instantaneously upon stepping outside...

  14. sorry with that "Oh lovely" heat. I cracked up with your slieght sarcasm there in the video!! Adored your voice and videos..Val rolls over so is so cute!
    Well, high heat is dreaded here-while we did NOT have LIGHT and SUN till July...the heat is not coming either, happy are most Oregonians.

    Your enduring measures are smart/fun with showers, swims and antics...glad you did get to ride too!
    It is funny when you can not do someting, your mind says you are not able to..NOT TRUE. As with not having stirrups for 17 mo..I was afraid of using them silly is that?!

    hang in and your place is getting Mr. Cleaned up..good on ya!
    Pie in the Sky Produce...LOVE THAT! Looks to be scrumptious too!

  15. Those tomatoes look yummy! Have some sandwiches for me, kay?


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