Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Monday, January 20, 2014

Back to glass-half-full land...


Yesterday's post was intended to read - disappointment x irritation x impatience. Mostly impatience. But definitely not petulance. Sorry.


How about a little farm tour? Welcome to Val's realm.

Run in barnette with attached tack room

Where the magic happens... ;D

Val's stuff

Where we ride...

Hay storage I


Hay storage II

50 bales + giant jollyball (which can be scary or fun - you never know)

Pasture in progress...

♡ My favorite hayburner ♡


  1. OMG, LOVE your multi-purpose runin! Mine will be similar, half for the horses, half for me, although much more redneck looking, hahaha.

  2. I love your place!! Everything looks amazingly constructed and what a great set up!!

  3. Great set up: I feel like I spotted a Stanley trunk? I have one and love it! Best show trunk ever. If I didn't have a larger cabinet in the barn I would consider buying another Stanley.

  4. Loved the tour. You are so organized. Love the tack room (I think I have the same tack trunk -- Home Depot tool trunk. The best)

  5. eventer79 -

    I went Amish pre-built on the barnettes. Super well constructed and affordable. What I didn't document was the uber redneck tarp canopy, made by me. :D

    Hillary / Annette -

    Ding, ding, ding. Stanley tack trunk. Love it! I think the partly torn off label is a nice touch - right? (must get the goo gone out lol...)

  6. Everything is so neat and tidy. Loved seeing Val's space!!

  7. Very nice - thanks for the tour!

  8. Everything looks so neat and tidy. Love your farmette. I'll bet Val has more stuff than you do! I know my horses do.

  9. what a lovely place! thanks for sharing!

  10. Know I'm not around much any more, and now that my horses have been given away, I have to live through you and Val (among others). But please know that your posts never fail to put a smile on my face...even the ones where you share your not-so-great news, which are always tempered with a healthy sense of humor. You're very talented at capturing your life, and my dear, that's no easy feat. Lots of positive healing thoughts your way!

  11. I loved Val's stall/run-in area, it looked so tidy and cozy!

  12. Love the tour! What a fabulous place you have. Sorry about last post's frustrating news, but it does take time. Everything heals - really it does!

    Glad you found your positive!

    Also, love the next post silly Val comment - Hay girl!

    Sorry my comments are sparse - no time these days!
    Take care!


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