Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Please pass me those rose colored glasses...

(yet another) Arm Update:

 While waiting in the exam room for Dr. Dreamy, I distinctly heard him cuss under his breath out in the hall, when the tech handed him the x-rays. Bummer.

Things looked a little better as we peered at that vertical light-table thing. Dr. D confirmed where there was new bone growth, though we had to hunt for it. (giant sigh of relief) I mentioned that patients can hear what happens right outside that door...

We discussed that scar tissue / soft tissue damage is restricting the range of motion in my wrist, as opposed to the hardware. Thank goodness. It will be mostly up to me how much I can recover. He informed me, that only thirty percent of the time hardware needs to be removed - a potential issue someone recently burdened me with. (another sigh of relief) I was sent home with physical therapy exercises, and we scheduled one more appointment.

On a positive note, my range of motion has improved with each pt session. I'm thankful for any good news, because every time I look at the state of the farmette, the state of my bank account, at Val, I have to subdue feelings of guilt, regret or worry.

It's three months today, since the big snap. Three months since I've ridden. Three months since I've worked. I'm ready for everything to be normal again. Really ready.

Four weeks post surgery...

the view that caused the cussing...

faint improvement... can you see it?


  1. Hope things get better exponentially with pt on board! I can't offer specifics since I haven't researched it but are there supplements you could take to help with bone growth and healing? Or homeopathy? My naturopath does telephone consultations if that kind of thing appeals - Susan Delaney, ND, RN, in Carrboro. She's wonderful.

  2. Still hoping for a speedy continued recovery for you!

  3. billie -

    The doc did warn that "surgeried" bones take longer to heal. And being a vegetarian is probably a factor too.
    I don't know why, but homeopathy hasn't been as much on my radar as it should be...

    Thanks for a nudge on the right direction. Several homeo remedies are on their way as we speak. :D

  4. Grow bones growwww! Sending you healing thoughts...

  5. Sending you healing thoughts as well!

  6. Hugs!! Speedy recovery!! I agree with Jen, grow bones grow

  7. I think it's looking a little better. And if your range of motion is improving with PT then that's a step in the right direction. Things take time so hang in there. Fingers crossed for your speedier recovery.

  8. Some improvement is better than none for sure. Hope things continue in the right direction and you're back to riding soon!

  9. These x-rays are super cool! What an ordeal this has been for you. Jeesh I wish you could just walk away from it all! But since this a reality, I am sending you good bone and skeleton vibes.

  10. These things take time, sometimes lots of time - hang in there!


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