Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Sunday, September 26, 2010

At the barn #22 - Lots of action and WEGs

Several long lost friends (haven't seen in fifteen years) and thirteen temporary boarders have been visiting since my last post, so not much time for riding or blogging. Hoping to catch up on horse and non horse chores now that things have settled down.

First - I wanted to share this link for a live streaming of the World Equestrian Games. The quality is really good and there is a downloadable schedule of the events. Today is reining and endurance. (What do you know -  the reining team is sponsored by Adequan)   :)

I'm psyched to find a nice live streaming video source for the games, as I planned to be on my way to see them in person today. I had tickets to the dressage grand prix tests and the freestyle final, as well as the stadium jumping final for the eventing competition. Unfortunately I had to change my plans. At least this way I don't have to worry about parking, weather or the whole rollkur issue lol :)

With all of the activity down at the barn this week - strangers helping with barn chores / construction, and all of the extra horses - Val has been as mellow and laid back as I've ever seen him. He was friendly and inquisitive in a respectful way to all of the visitors, and barely seemed to notice the (hoardes) of Tennessee Walkers gaiting around the property while they prepared for their trail rides. What a good boy!!


  1. Thanks for the link. I had one I posted, but I think yours is better!
    I'd be sick if I had tickets to the dressage freestyle and then had to miss it. Positive thinking re crowds and parking. I once skipped a Rolling Stones concert I had a ticket for because of these reasons, but I'd never do that for dressage! :)
    (I'm sure you wouldn't either if you had a choice)

  2. It's a bummer to be sure Carol.

    I've been planning this trip for three years. It just wasn't a good financial idea to go right now... a new mortgage payment, unexpected vet bills, lost a week of work from the hurricane, etc.

    I'll be watching on the computer though :)

  3. Val is a nice guy. Too bad you didn't get to go but thanks for the link. I'll watch it when I get a minute here.Enjoy your friend's visit.


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