Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In the Arena #25 - Staying the course

I snuck away at lunch time again today to ride (it's good to be the boss). Actually a necessity as the mosquitoes down at the barn are unbearable at dawn and dusk ever since the hurricane.

We had such a fun ride! I set up a line of cones in the arena, and after warming up* we maneuvered around and through the cones... at times similar to (extra slow) pole bending :) Val's tendency to conserve energy / taking the fewest steps possible (natural laziness) helped us move very efficiently through our course once we got on track lol.


My focus was on equal weight in my seat bones and stirrups, uniting my aids and resolution of my aids. It's the release... the timing of the release, that is so important. There was almost no stickiness in our turning today - either direction. (!)

I just have to say - my horse is such a clown. If I were more coordinated and didn't mind bouncing my camera around whilst riding I'd get some photos of the goofiness that is Val. How lucky am I to have such a good natured equine partner. Looking forward to our next session.


  1. Your horse sounds like a sweetie and lots of fun. I think I figured out why I think he's so handsome - I think my horse is going to look like him in a couple of years :)
    I do the same exercise with cones and so does my husband. It's great.

  2. Love the diagram! That says it all, doesn't it?

    I think some of those mosquitoes have blown all the way inland, as I've noticed they've been worse again the past few weeks. The really bad bug here right now - the giant biting flies. Can't wait 'til they're gone for the season!

  3. Val sounds like a real character. I love having a horse that is a clown, they're really so much fun. Your diagrams are very interesting in telling the story of the warm up. Glad you had a good time.

  4. Ahahaha! Your warmup diagram looks just like mine and Gabe's! Hehehe!!!

    But we usually take out half the cones before we're warmed up. :P

    Val is such a handsome man. Isn't it fun to have not only a handsome horse, but one with personality, character and a sense of humor?

  5. What a sweet boy! and love the diagram!

  6. Carol-

    The cones help me keep our sessions fun and different (not boring says Val).

    One day we'll both have white horses :)

  7. Billie-

    Our flies may have blown inland - they appear to be gone... sadly replaced by hoards of mosquitoes.

    I cracked myself up when I made the diagram lol!

  8. Arlene-

    Val's personality is so perfect for me - he manages to keep it light when I might get too serious and hung up. As my trainer says you get the horse you need :)

  9. Jenn-

    Glad you liked the diagram. I wasn't sure how to graphically portray knocked over cones lol!

    Val's personality is so cool that it wouldn't matter what he looked like, but he is my handsome, sturdy "man" :)

  10. Hi Kate-
    I've been taking inspiration from your training notes :)


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