Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Friday, October 1, 2010

My favorite ride of the WEGs

Fuego XII and J.M. Munoz Diaz  6/24/08  Could not find photographers name to credit
Holy smoke!

Juan Manuel Muñoz Díaz and his amazing PRE Fuego XII did the most beautiful, electric and correct (to my eyes) musical freestyle at the WEG just a few minutes ago.

High point: A set of (one handed) totally in time to the music one tempes that blew everyone away.  Lets just say I might have scared my dogs off the couch with my cheering!!

The freedom of movement in their piaffes, passages and pirouettes weren't matched by any of the competition, not even the mighty Totilas. No thrashing tail. Front and back halves connected at all times lol. He was always at or slightly behind the verticle but I'm guessing that has more to do with being a baroque type of horse than the way he was ridden. As Diaz saluted at the end of his ride, the crowd reaction was so explosive that Fuego half reared, almost unseating him. Classy, beautiful pair. A pleasure to watch.

He received an 81. something - fifth place score. I suspect that breed discrimination - Fuego not being a GIANT warmblood with a HUGE extended (expensive) trot as many of his competition are -  probably had just a bit to do with it if the commentators were any indication. When his scores were posted, the crowd booed loudly and disruptively... surprising at such an event -  but I wholeheartedly agreed.

Can't wait until the video is available :)

Edited to add photos and quote from Dressage - News:

"The showman Diaz couldn’t contain his excitement at the halt, and nearly parted company with his horse who shot forward as the Spaniard whipped off his hat and thumped the air with his fist in delight.  The crowd went wild, and voiced their disapproval when this partnership were awarded 81.450 per cent, which the crowd thought was not enough."


  1. I'm sorry I missed it. We don't get the show until Sunday (I think). But I'll be looking for this ride. Too bad he didn't get a better placement. It is unusual for a the crowd to go wild at these events he must have been amazing. Beautiful horse by the way.

  2. You know Arlene - moments like that ride last night are why I continue to watch events like the WEG.

    The harmony between Fuego and his rider weren't matched by any of the other horse / rider pairs. Not even close. It was a sublime ride that I will hold in my heart forever, along with Blu Hors Matine.

    The moment someone puts that ride on you tube I'll post it here :0

  3. A LOT of folks are talking about this horse and rider team. I'm really happy to hear the crowd booed the scoring - it's a little bit more evidence that not everyone is fooled by the flash and bling of Totilas.

  4. Head over to COTH - same sentiments echoed there... more evidence that the rank and file dressage world is ready for change :)

  5. That was one of the best rides I've ever seen. What a beautiful horse and rider combo. I can't believe he didn't get better scoring.

    Sometimes I think the judges may just be prejudiced ahead of time and have a few riders in their heads that they plan on giving the big prize to. It's just a matter of them all agreeing who to pick. I'm afraid some of these judges are star struck or perhaps they want to be asked back or maybe they just don't know how to score properly so they pin the 'stars'. I really can only guess at the reasoning behind the scoring. This pair was amazing and should have gotten better.

  6. Arlene -

    I was alternately crying and cheering while watching this ride live. It struck an emotional chord that was very deep. I felt privileged to have witnessed it.

    One can pick apart and analyze rides all day long, but there is also the "whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" factor.

    It was obvious to me anyway, that this is a very solid and harmonious team, and there was willing participation on the part of Fuego. What a lovely horse... I am partial to the grays ;)

    Frankly - I believe the fact that Munoz and Fuego placed as highly as they did is another small sign of progress at these WEGs. Baby steps :)


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