Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Sunday, March 11, 2012

At the Barn #56 - (She's giving me) good vibrations...

The new saddle fitter pad has arrived from Thinline, but I haven't put it to the test yet. It came contained in a super cool reusable shopping bag. (Note to equine products companies - sending your expensive products with a free gift is smart marketing.)

Frustratingly, Thursday, Friday and Saturday were not fit to ride - rain and then major winds. The coming stretch of weather looks fabulous though - I should get plenty of saddle time in this week.

Yesterday I spent overhauling Val's stall, and doing spa treatments instead - deep grooming + clipping. All this was done while ground tied btw. In howling 30 mph winds. Lets just say my guy is pretty fond of the clippers - especially on his muzzle.  I wasn't planning on clipping anything but his bridal path. I think Val's whiskers are cute, not to mention beneficial. He was like - "Hey! Forget about up there and bring that thing hummy thing back down this way pleeeeeazzzzzz!"

Feels goooood... maybe tastes good too?!

Today was gorgeous, but I wore myself slam out shoveling ten tons of composted manure into the new garden bed. It took about four hours, and afterwords I didn't have the energy to ride. The borrowed Kubota went back home long ago, so a shovel and wheelbarrow were my coworkers. Oh Kubota - I hardly knew ye...

Lots of good things are on the horizon. I'm looking forward to planning and planting the gardens. Doing everything from seed this year, because I'm tired of bringing pathogens into my garden from nurseries. Overall - my experience has been when (purchased) plants reseed - the new generation seems to be hardier than it's nursery stock parents anyhow. And who knows what critters ride along in the little pots of dirt...

Also, I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll be working in my studio by next week. My electrician friend who offered so long ago to come wire my studio up may make an appearance this weekend. This is good, because while waiting for my friend to follow through, as a plan b, I attempted to get quotes from two local contractors. One quote took over two months, and when I finally got it, it was super gigantic, despite the fact that I had offered to dig the trench. The other electrician came by twice in the last year to look at the job, but could not be bothered to call me back with a price. Tiresome...

Finally - we just hit 100 followers! Thank you x 1,000,000 to everyone who reads and comments. I so appreciate the feedback, and the virtual company. :) Hoping to have a ride to write about tomorrow!


  1. Congratulations on 100 followers! And I can't believe you moved all that compost by hand -- that's a ton of work!!

  2. Nice bag! Totally agree about the free advertising - and it'll keep them at the top of your mind, too.

    Oh that garden is going to be glorious. I also really need to get out and spread some manure this week. If you can do that much with a shovel and a wheelbarrow, I got no room to complain about my smaller pile! :D

  3. The future garden looks great, to say moving all that compost was a big job would be an understatement.

    Val is just too adorable with the clippers, what a character. Your new pad looks promising and the gift bag is a good idea. More companies should do this.

    I hear you about electricians, plumbers etc. I've called my electrician for about 6 months now to switch some lights in the barn and nada. It boggles my mind that people are out of work and yet they can't make the time to come and do work...very frustrating.

  4. I'm interested in how the Thinline works for you.

    OMG that garden filling - WHEW - tired just looking at the photos!

  5. Oh man, I have manure to move by hand too, and no Kubota to do it. Not looking forward to it! Say... maybe we could buy one and share it? I wonder how much shipping a tractor is between me and you? LOL!

    And your garden is gonna be SLAMMIN! I can't wait to see it all grown and green!

  6. I can't live without my Kubota. I do however, admire your fortitude in filling up that garden bed! I would not be able to do that!

    Can't wait to hear about the new pad!

  7. That is totally exhausting. I can't believe you were able to move all of that in one day!

    The thinline pad looks very promising. I want the bag, too!

  8. Annette-

    I wish I cold say I didn't have anything better to do... ;)

  9. Funder-

    All your chores lately have been indoors, no? That manure pile must be calling to you! ;)

  10. GHM-

    I'm a contractor - and I believe I'd be out of business if I treated my customers the way some of the outfits around here do...

  11. jenj-

    If we were closer I'd take you up on the tractor share. I think larger scale farmers do that all the time with the bigger equipment.

  12. Shannon-

    Post coming asap about the new pad. I finished my first ride with it just now. :)

  13. Val-

    Outdoor work is my occupation, so I know how to work smart, and I'm used to it. Believe me, I would rather have been riding though.

    Just finished up our first ride with the pad. Posting about it asap. :)

  14. You are always so busy that next to you I look like a real slug! hah! I love the pictures of Val's little ears and picture perfect muzzle (my mare looks like an old goat since I never get the clippers out!). I love your re-useable shopping bag--isn't that funny how we love little things. The wind here has been awful. February was full of March winds and now March is here and it's not any better. Can't wait to hear more about the saddle!


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