Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Friday, March 9, 2012

Congratulations Zenyatta - ♡ It's a boy!! ♡

Photo by Ann Moss

Zenyatta delivered a healthy colt at 10:10 pm last night. Mom and foal are doing great. :)

photo by Ann Moss

From Zenyatta's blog...

"My adorable foal weighed in at 130 pounds, has a white star on his forehead, and some white on his feet. As Ann commented when she saw him, 'he has polka dots on his feet, Zennie, just like YOU.'"


  1. Oh my goodness, congratulations to Zenyatta!

  2. Wasn't Zenyatta taking votes for the name of the little one? I wonder what it will be!

    loved the Will Rogers quote ;)


  3. He's as beautiful as she is. Wonder what they'll name him. Congratulations to one classy lady.

  4. I feel sorry for the poor guy knowing what he's going to be doing in another year:(

  5. horsemom-

    Zenyatta's connections (Jerry and Ann Moss) are some of the good guys in the world of thoroughbreds. For instance, they didn't race Zenyatta until she was four, waiting until she was physically and mentally prepared.

    They've taken exemplary care of her. I'm confident that they'll do the same for this foal.

  6. I didn't realize that about Zenyatta's owners, I try not to follow the racing world, but that is good to hear. Maybe that is why she did so well and others should take note?
    I have been too up close and personal with race horses to ever agree with the sport.


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