Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In the Arena #61 - One track mind

My Dad and uncle dropped by the farm today to say hi to Val. They pulled up a couple of chairs outside the long side of the arena to watch our session. Val said - "What the hell is going on? No one's ever sat there before! Why are they talking so loud?!" And proceeded to act very silly for much of our ride, including a bit of head tossing and crow hopping. Dad and my uncle are both hard of hearing which apparently means they have to talk four times as loud. And my uncle jumped up and down from his seat, made big gestures and generally did distracting things as he doesn't know any better. Chalk it up to a training opportunity :)

We utilized halts and turns on the forehand to get Val's focus back on our work, and ended up doing some very nice trotting with Val reaching and working over his back. Not sustained, but more than we've achieved before. Treats were flowing after the ride, you can be sure ;)

My training plan for the time being is contact, contact, contact. Since this could get pretty boring as a non-stop post topic, I'm going to limit myself to brief updates and photos until we have a handle on it. In the meantime be on the lookout for a series based on an article called Behind the Vertical by Erik Herbermann.

stepping under :)
What a GOOD BOY!


  1. How nice that your Dad and uncle came by to watch you ride and say hi to Val. It's so nice to have the support of your family. It was a great training opportunity to have something different going on outside the ring.

    You and Val look great in the pictures. I'll be on the lookout for the series by E. Herbermann.

  2. I'm interested in your series too.
    Remember that all the distractions you can get are good for training - in the long run. ;-)

  3. I had a similar experience this week with my husband flinging a tarp around throwing wood. Carrying large objects all over. I almost said "hey could you stop that" and then I thought no it is good for us so we got through it better than I expected actually.
    I noticed your helmet. I just bought an IRH helmet. The style looks identical to yours except the smooth parts are a suede. How do you like yours?

  4. You and Val make a handsome couple. :-)

  5. Amy-

    I like mine - the strapping is more substantial than my last helmet and it's comfortable. I really wanted a Charles Owens but it wasn't in the budget :)

  6. Wolfie-

    Lol.. Val is likely the closest I'll get to being in a couple, sad to say. Around here you're s.o.l if you want a man with the barest requirements - shoes, teeth and a job ;)

  7. My mantra: "Every distraction, a training opportunity." Val is lookin' fabulous!

  8. Great HEADER...sweetest ever Val~
    I was chuckling pretty good with the "L O U D conversations" going on and when someone jumped up and waved arms..I lost it! This is so perfect! I mean HA!!!

    I've been trying to put a video up from years ago of me and Wa arena riding...there is the most loudest C%R*A#S@H!! in it and Wa slightly raise her head..was so proud of her..miss anything-not-to-focus mare!

    Sent you something in the'll love the's YOU and VAL!!
    Of course, you'll have a regulation helmet on now, and no top hat. (they were regal looking) Think the rules got changed?

  9. Glad you got in a good workout in spite of the spectators. I know they were probably annoying to you - but what a great image of your dad and his brother hollering at each other and arm waving! Love it.

    Great new header - very cute!

  10. Looking forward to the article discussion, and more pictures :) I can't wait until I can get my boy to stretch down like that.


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