Calm, Forward, Straight

Calm, Forward, Straight

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In the Arena #62 - When it's time to cha-ange...

A little break from the Herbermann article. Next post - part IV :)


Daylight savings time...

On Sunday morning I was hating it.. by Sunday evening I was l-o-v-i-n-g it! Plenty of time for barn chores, feeding and to fit a ride in. I do think Val wondered why I arrived in the dark on Monday morning...

Unfortunately our ride was a real struggle. Another dose of distraction practice. Neighbor screaming at (and cussing out) his dogs and grandchild + loud tractor work + motocross + target shooting. And it felt like I had to reinstall steering and brakes. Can't blame that on the neighborhood though. Actually, Val had to deal with me being super crooked and stiff. I had such a hard time keeping my weight even - I was constantly collapsing my right side. We got it sorted by the end of the session. I guess it's progress that I realized right away what the problem was.


Today was spring vaccinations day. I beat the vet to the barn by a good while, so Val got a walkabout through the neighborhood to search out grazing. Then we got a top to bottom grooming. Picture snoozing horse with dangling bottom lip. Still no vet... I flipped over a bucket, leaned up against the tack room and thought about dozing off in the delightful sunshine. Forget that! Val wouldn't leave me alone. He groomed me all over... with periodic grabs of my clothing and a cheeky look checking to see if I was noticing, with his very close to me eye, eye. I couldn't stop cracking up. :)

Our vet finally arrived. As usual my horse was perfect for his shots and getting his coggins drawn. (bragging) Dr. G showed me how to do an iv injection, how to find a vein (and miss an artery). I hope I never need to do it, but it might come in handy some day. He and his assistant loved on Val and we demo'd some liberty work for them. Fun.

Next I hopped on bareback, which I knew I needed to do after Sunday. The connection we had shared through the afternoon flowed right into our ride. We worked on forward and I focused on using my core for halting. Super fun.

One day I hope to have a saddle that feels close to my bareback pad. When I saddle shopped before bringing Val home, my first choice was an older County, like the one I've ridden in for years at my trainer's place. Close contact and a spring tree. Searched high and low on ebay and in tack shops online - no luck. Either the size was wrong (Val is fairly wide), or the seller seemed dicey. Couldn't find my second choice either - Neidersuss. I settled on a Beval Natura, which fits Val well but is a bit cushy. One day, when I hit the lottery, I will have a deluxe / custom saddle... among other things. :)


  1. Every year with the change of the clocks I hate the mornings too but like the extended evenings. It takes a while to get used to I guess.

    Your experience in the barn with Val is so sweet, he sounds like a real character. Glad you got a ride in and had some fun. Fingers crossed for you winning the lottery and getting the saddle of your dreams.

  2. I'm loving having more daylight, not so much having to fall asleep earlier - my body is having a hard time transitioning. Did you just hear a yawn? Yeah, that was me.

    I'm thinking about saddle shopping this year, I'll have to take a look at the models you mentioned.

  3. I can just see the two of you lounging sleepily in the sun. What a great day and nice horse. The bareback ride sounds wonderful.


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